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Oxford is a small town in Oxfordshire, just over an hour's train from London, known in the world especially for the presence of one of the world's most prestigious universities: Oxford University, where famous characters have graduated, think about Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Margareth Tatcher, Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean), who graduated in electrical engineering with the highest marks and academic kiss. I had the chance to study at "Brookes University" and it has been one of the most formative experiences of my life!

When you read something about Oxford you end up talking about college... but there is something more interesting, almost fantastic... did you know that gardford are famous in Oxford (you have for sure seen many in Paris); you can see them on the end of the drainage of gutter channels, often adorned with animals or fantastic and monstrous figures. They have always fascinated me and being very curious, I found a very special news about it.

In 1890, in an Abingdon garage, a "dragon" of 72 cm was found in a formaldehyde jar... many people thought of a joke of bad taste, but then, probably even for the interest of Oxford University, the National History Museum has thought of making a sort of biopsy about the fantastic creature. It is currently under the loving care of Allistair Mitchell, improvised as his "manager".

Mitchell himself has doubts about the authenticity of the baby dragon: it was packed and sent from Germany at the end of the past century, the Germans knew how to use rubber pretty well...  

An important point in favor of the dragon. All those who see it say that it looks real, Mitchell says.
In short, biopsy has to be done. Let's tell the truth: it will be fake like an elves ring in a mall, but Baby Dragon is too cool and it makes us all feel a bit like kids...

In Oxford we have visited the Natural History Museum where there are many routes for children and an interesting free guide available. The exhibition is organized following a very precise time line. Every find has its explanation, there are embalmed animals, fossils and a very original dark cabin where bright stones are observed. The museum is home to one of the most fascinating buildings in the city and hides, inside it, another spectacular museum: the Pitt River Museum with an incredible collection of about 500,000 artefacts originally collected by the archeologist who gave it his name. The collection is really rich, the museum is free and, in addition to a series of extraordinary shows, is also paying attention to the didactic aspect, it is not unusual to come across some schoolchildren. Now that we are parents we often look for activities to do with our baby and museums are always a great solution together with the parks obviously...

A nice place you will love is the deer forest located at Magdalen College, one of the approximately 30 colleges that characterize the city. Remember that May 1st also becomes the home of an amazing choral choir concert of the Magdalen College School.

Don’t forget that Oxford is quite close to many interesting and lovely places.

Bourton on the water

Delicious with its silent and quiet roads that will turn you back in time.


Charming, mystical, dark. It has fascinated me so much.

You shudder if you only think of so many legends, stories and mysteries that waft around those ageless stones... 

Stratford upon Avon.

The town that gave birth to William Shakespeare and his wife. It is still possible to visit his home and, once again, it’s impressive if you think that the life of this great English writer has taken place right there.

By mentioning British characters who have made history we cannot help remembering Winston Churchill. Near Oxford the imposing "Blenheim Palace" stands, the great British statist’s home.

Awesome, full of fountains, meadows and even a large artificial lake! Inside: ancient Chinese vases, trophies of war, precious furniture, medieval armor, collecting weapons, huge libraries packed with books ....

In the end, if it’s the first time for you in UK, what about reaching its capital: London? Exactly, whoever visits it for the first time will be astonished: Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Queen's Horse Riding, Westminster, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Globe, theThames, classic red buses, taxi, Harrods, many shops, cosmopolitan people ...

London dictates European fashion even through the crazy Carnaby Street. One of the most transgressive streets, full of shops selling the most disparate things, dresses and strange objects... crowded with so many extravagant characters...

After this tour we are sure you will come home with the awareness of having met one of the most british areas in United Kingdom!

"Leaving is the most beautiful and courageous action of all. Perhaps a selfish joy, but a joy for those who can give value to freedom."
- Isabelle Eberhardt -

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