Southampton july


That's why I must return to many future places
to meet with myself
examine myself ceaselessly,
with no witness but the moon
and then booed for the joy
trampling stones and clods,
with no other task but exist,
without any family tbut the road.
- Pablo Neruda

02 july Southampton (ENGLAND)

This time I share the adventure in college in England with some classmates of mine.

I'm sure we will have a great time together with Antonio, Domenico, Carlo, Diego, Rossella, Chiara, Jessica, Maria Rosaria, Maria, Luigia, Mario and Agostino.

The destination is Southampton.

A very important town in the past and famous even because from here, in 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers of the Mayflower passed through to reach actual United States of America, then from here the mythical Titanic set sail in the 1912.


05 july Isle of Wight (ENGLAND)

Wake up at 5.45. The buses are ready to take us to the port.

Today, by a huge ferry, we go to the Isle of Wight..

As soon we arrive, we visit the Osborne House, summer residence of the Queen.

After a ride, by bus, around the whole island, in which we have been able to admire the whole panorama and the beauties of the place, all those great expanses of green transmitted me a sense of calm and serenity.

We eat something on the bay on the English Channel.


06 july Southampton (ENGLAND)

Today we visit a great fair not distant from our college whose principal attraction is the colored hot-air balloons coming from the whole England.

09 july Bournemouth (ENGLAND)

What a cool place! Bournemouth seems much more amusing than Southampton: full of beaches, people, students along the crowded roads and the weird thing is that this place, in summer, turns into a British Scandinavia.

12 july London (ENGLAND)

London is a marvellous city, i love it.

At 12 am, we assist att the changing of the guard of the queen, then we visit Westminster Abbey.

Inside it some of the most important people in England are buried: Charles V, Catherine of Valois, Geoffrey Chaucer, Elizabeth I etc.

From there we continue towards the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square up to the Rock Circus.

Just in this last place I have enjoyed a lot! It's a kind of museum of waxes but it deals only with singers and the characteristic thing is that, at the entrance, you are equipped of a walkman that allows you to listen to the most beautiful songs of the various singers simply approaching to the statues!

There were: Gary Barlow, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Elton John etc.

14 july Southampton (ENGLAND)

Tonight, with Antonio and Mario, we have done a night time escape till to another college, a couple of km far from ours, to go to find some friends known this afternoon.

What a fun. We have known guys and girls from all over the world: Russian, Turkish, Poles, Spanish, from Kazakhstan etc.

We have been with them until late, too bad that we have to go back to our college crossing two great parks and in the evening is rather dangerous.

Everything goes all right till we arrive to the first park, in the distance, we notice a group of boys that were messing around, they looked a bit drunk, one of them notes us and howls something that we don't succeed in understanding, without even thinking about it, we look at each other for a second and, as three hares pursued by a wolf, we fly towards our college...

We are safe but what a fear!


16 july Winchester (ENGLAND)

Last night we have come back very late, as usual, and this morning I really fell asleep while Gina was explained the lesson... I stretched on three chairs... Suddenly I felt shaking and when I have reopened the eyes I have seen the face of our teacher that was looking at me with a sneer not very reassuring...

I pretend to be sick (actually here we sleep 3 or 4 hours a day and after two weeks I'm destroyed!).

She immediately gives me an aspirin and tells me to ingest it in front of her... "Teacher, can I take it in the bathroom?" -"Ok." (...and the poor medicine ends in a typical British water...!)

In the afternoon we visit the city of Winchester.

It's famous because it still preserves the "Round Table" of King Arthur.


19 july London (ENGLAND)

Last jump in London before the departure. This time we have spent the whole day to visit the mythical Museum of the Wax, the "Madams Tussauds" from the name of the woman that waxed the first masterpieces. It's wonderful and the amusing thing was that so many masterpieces were so real that often happened that we exchanged a statue for a true human being and viceversa! We have enjoyed very much!

The Beatles
Cassius Clay
Freddy Mercury

21 july Salisbury (ENGLAND)

The trip turns at the end. Today we have visited Salisbury with her Cathedral and then Stonehenge.



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