Wheatley july


"Travels give a great open-minded: you exit from the circle of prejudices of your Country and you do not want take responsibility for the foreigners ones."

- Charles de Montesquieu -


02 july Wheatley (ENGLAND)

I am coming back to Oxford, more precisely to Wheatley, few miles away from the English university city for antonomasia.

This college belongs to the group of "Brookes University"!

Some characters of the college:
Paoletto immediately after having destroyed with a football blow the glass door!


Around the streets in Oxford...
Savvas and the other guys from Cyprus
The great Marc
The piercing
Nostalgia of the dear Whiff and my room in the old college in Oxford
"Everything we are, we carry with us in our journey. We bring with us the house of our soul, like a turtle with its shell.
Indeed, the journey through the countries of the world is for a man: a symbolic journey. Wherever you go you are searching your soul.
That's why man must be able to travel. "

- Arsenij Tarkovskij -

"Blenheim Palace"
Stratford upon Avon


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