"There is complete man if not the one who has traveled a lot, which has changed twenty times the shape of his thought and life."

- Alphonse de Lamartine -

The adventure is starting! Who knows where we are going to sleep tonight, what we are going to do... Whatever, "we will manage"!

"... the real travellers are only those that leave; light hearts, similar to feathers, they never split up from their fate, and without knowing the reason, they always say: " Let's go", their desires have the shapes of the clouds... "
- Charles Baudelaire -


22 july Modane (FRANCE)

We are just arrived to France and we have already received a "good" news, the first train to Paris is scheduled only in nine hours, in the heart of the night!

This border town is uninhabited and cold. Moreover my camera has just broken too... What a good start...

[Takx]: "Mark tries to "exchange" his 100 French franks off (no longer legal).

23 july Paris (FRANCE)

[Takx]: "At last the train comes. It's so crowded, no free room in the compartments and all the entrances are occupied... Strolling around I find a small room at the end of the train, in front of the WC, completely free!

We work a bit with our multi-use knife on the WC door until the signal: "Out of Service" appears .

Good night from the train to Paris".

As soon as we get to the French capital we soon go to the Eiffel Tower. We are so tired that we decide to camp in a park nearby to have lunch and have a rest!

Few hours later we leave again, destination: Calais. We will sail from there to England.

24 july Dover (ENGLAND)

We are in Great Britain! The crossing of the English Channel has been weird, leaving slowly France towards England has been very exciting!

[Lorna MacPhail from Glasgow, Scotland]: "If you can't go hard, go home"

We arrive at the English capital very late in the night, I confess that I get worried in the huge Victoria Station where all the people are running everywhere, busy, while we don't know where to go to make our tired bones rest!

Great idea! Gatwick Airport. We put down all our stuff and we fall asleep.

"Even a journey of ten thousand miles begins with one small step.
- Lao Zi -

25 july London (ENGLAND)

Madame Tussauds Museum is amazing as usual!

[Takx]: "Statues are so real (many times it happened to mistake real people with statues), horror room is wickedly interesting... We take hundreds photos and when we are leaving London we notice that: our camera was not loaded!!! Panic!

We leave to Oxford where some friends of mine are waiting for us"...

In the university city of Oxford my dear friend Stephen ("Whiff") welcomes us; he offers us a whole flat!

After a fast shower we are soon around, destination: The Westminster College where some Italian friends of mone are studying.

26 july Oxford (ENGLAND)

Today we decide to go back to my old college: Wheatley, hoping to meet my old friends, first of all Marc Poncin.

What luck! As soon as we arrive to the college I see him, he was playing tennis with a Japanese guy!

[Takx]: "When Marc and Mark met, I stayed apart, I was amazed by the confidence that they had, it seemed as they spent years together... Marc (so called: "Fisherman") is really cool!

27 july London (ENGLAND)

Tonight we have spent a wonderful evening on a disco-boat on the Thames with Marc and group of students from Sweden, Tunisia and Spain.

Looking at monuments as Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge etc. all lightened, while we were dancing and having good time, has been touching!


31 july Oxford (ENGLAND)

After many days of relax and parties in many colleges, here the departure day comes! Packed our stuff, Whiff takes us at the station... We are in the train again to London, we are going to catch another train to Cambridge from there... My shoulder-blade is hurting!

"The trip is a door through which you exit from the known reality and you enter a different and unexplored reality, which looks like the dream."
- Guy de Maupassant -

01 august Cambridge (ENGLAND)

At Magdalene College in Cambridge there is our English teacher who, with ten more guys, offers us hospitality!

The city is very elegant, full of colleges and ancient buildings.

Night life is cool. Many people around, drunk, they were singing, screaming, some also dive from one of the several bridges on the Cam river. We, instead, teke a couple of "pants" (a mix of canoe and gondola) and we sightsee the whole city by night from the river...

02 august Cambridge (ENGLAND)

[Brunella Simeone from Santa Maria, Italy]: "In a few days I'll go back home and the paranoia that, the four walls of my city impose me, will start again... I have been dreaming for so long to travel as you are doing, I envy you very much and I dream, one day, to feel your same feelings"!

[Rita Tedesco from Santa Maria, Italy]: "You followed me here as well? But I forgive you!"

[Takx]: "We have been clandestine in these two or three days in the college, of course, that's why we were always alert! This evening, when we went back, after all our strollings around, we feel some unrests in the English school. Our "room mates" had been caught smoking in the class so now they were waiting for the arrival of a certain Brian (the head master) for the consequences of their act. Our backpacks, meanwhile, moved to the room of a Sicilian girl, evidently a bit annoyed by our presence! "

At the end everything is all right. Early in the morning we leave to Birmingham!

03 august Manchester (ENGLAND)

Birmingham! During the transfer we notice from the window of our train two huge towers. We get curious. What will it be? I think it's a church, Takx: a castle. The train stops in Ely train station. We look at each other and, without saying a word, we take our backpacks and get off the train. We cross a few British parks, with the classical very elegant wood benches, the ladies with huge hat who are reading a book, children playing and running everywhere...

At last we get to our destination. Here is the majestic cathedral of Ely in front of our eyes! Built more than 1000 years ago, at the beginning this city was invaded by marshes as long as Dutch drained it.

What a delicious town, small but adorable, there was a shop that acted as supermarket, post office and chemists!

We can leave again, but, after visiting a such pretty town, we get a bad impact getting off in the chaotic and industrialized Birmingham. No! We can't stay here. We catch the first train to Stoke on Trent (birth town of one of my idols: Robbie Williams), but, a bit for the rain, a bit for the cold and a bit because we arrive in the evening and everything is closed, after having a walk, we decide to go away looking for a place to sleep. In the train station I notice a destination that can be very useful for us: Manchester Airport! Great, we are going to sleep there!


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