04 august Manchester (ENGLAND)

Manchester, for many: "Mad-chester", the city of the madnesses, country of Manchester United, the football team whose red colours, of the T-shirts of her supporters colours all the streets!

I have been very impressed by this city because it is very crowded, full of people, shops, life! We have spent a lot of time at the Warner Bros and at HMV. We need some shopping sometimes!

In the afternoon we decide to go to the close Liverpool: Beatles' birthplace!

So far, 30 years later their memory and presence is very strong here. We soon visit an exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the St Georges Hall, dedicated to the famous band.

[Takx]: "This city has disappointed me, if it wasn't for the Beatles I don't think it would have been so famous, indeed, it has been nice to hear sea-gulls flying in a such huge city!"

After having a long walk we manage to take the last bus to the airport (our hotel for tonight!)

[Takx]: "I checked my feet situations, they suck... This day has been a typical inter railers one.

Actually our journey is not a conventional trip, we should travel by train, go to some city, stop in a hostel for two or three days to visit the city and leave again. So far we haven't neither talked about hostels, we have slept in colleges or in airports. As for the tourism it's like every city is as a food where we give a bite just to taste it and we soon pass to another dish".

05 august York (ENGLAND)

[Takx]: "York is wonderful! I liked it also before getting out of the train station! It's described as the classical English town infested by ghosts! Interesting! Ih ih ih!

Outside the train station, we see a city that hasn't accused the course of the time, or it's like the time had passed more slowly here!

In York there is a building for every historical period, since the Roman time"...

06 august Edinburgh (SCOTLAND)

Here we are in the Scottish capital. There is a huge monument near the train station dedicated to the writer Walter Scott (author of "Ivanhoe"). There are many ancient buildings and a huge castle that dominates, from above, all the scene. It's wonderful walking along Princess Street listening to the music of the bagpipes that some street artist is playing!

In few hours we are leaving to Inverness, famous because very close to Lochness Lake, celebrated for the legend of the monster: Nessie; from there we will proceed to Thurso, last northern station before Orkney Islands...

"The real journey is actually everything is in the middle. Not a goal or a target. But the transit."

- Anonymous -


07 august Thurso (SCOTLAND)

After a long trip we arrive to this place forgotten by God. We are going towards the city center to find a lawn where to put our tent when a couple of guys approaches us and asks us how we were going to spend the night. They join us.

We reach a hill that ends overhang on the sea. The sight is amazing! Set our tent, we start preparing our dinner using all the things we had (as old mates), this is that unique fluid that join we travellers! They prepare the sauce, we dress it with our tuna and so on... We spend a wonderful evening around our gas-ring that meanwhile it becomes our "fire of the SCOUT"!

[Sara from Ciampino, Italy]: "Thanks for the tuna, the biscuits, the friendship and the chats among Thurso wind".

"We must go and never stop until we arrive.
To go where, mate? I do not know, but we have to go. "
(On the road)
- Jack Kerouac -

08 august Glasgow (SCOTLAND)

Wake up at five in the morning. When we open our eyes it's 5.30! Damn! Maybe we can manage, in few minutes we pack our tent and we run to the train station... It will be a long journey... I'd like to get to Belfast before the night! The two guys we left in Thurso, are going to reach Dublin hitch-hiking!

In the afternoon we get to Glasgow, many factories and greyness everywhere, I didn't like it at all! That's why, after a walk in the city center, we decide to go to Stranraer, we will sail from there to reach the Northern Ireland.

[Marika, Maddalena and Manuela from Ancona, Italy]: "After twenty days spent here in the desolation and fog, meeting you guys has been as a explosion of life, we will miss this chat! While you still have fifteen more days, we are coming back home... Sigh!"

09 august Stranraer (SCOTLAND)

In Stranraer a weird guy approaches me, he asks if I was going to Glasgow... "Actually I have just come back from there!" While we were chatting, he was keeping on cooking with his gas-ring. Me, hungry, was staring, in love, the pasta that he was going to cook; suddenly Jerry invites me to eat with him. A bit embarrassed I thank him but I'm not alone, I say. No problem. Two minutes later, we are all sitting around and enjoying our pasta telling our adventures.

Jerry is a guy from Bern, he was alone because he met a Tuscanian girl on a beach in Northern Ireland and decided to stay some more day there with her. Now he was reaching his friends in Scotland.

We are five inter railers in the ferry to Northern Ireland. There were two girls from Modena and a German guy and then hundreads and hundreads Celtic Glasgow supporters that were coming back home after watching the football match of their team. They were euphoric after the 3-0 vs St.Johnson and, all drunk, were celebrating!

The night is going all right while we are approaching the Irish coasts ...

10 august Belfast (NORTHERN IRELAND)

We visit this city famous more for the attempts of the past that for other. It's a very difficult town, torn for the struggles between Catholics and protestants, who wants the independence from the Great Britain and who feels proud to be English.

We walk a lot and we try to discover a bit better this new destination. A demonstration against Great Britain has just ended...

[Takx]: "While we were passing near the City Hall, we notice a limousine and many people close to it... We approach, Mark starts talking to an Italian reporter of Mediaset that, at the beginning, pulls our legs saying that there was Bill Clinton inside and then confesses that, actually, they were producing a short!"

Too bad, we were already ready with our cameras to immortalize that historical moment ...

[Federica Ferrari from Modena, Italy]: "The best thing we can do during a trip is: bring home, with us, all these memories and hope that they will help us to "grow up".

11 august Dublin (IRELAND)

There is my cousin Giuseppe and a friends of ours: Antonio Armentano waiting for us.

We soon go for a stroll in the center and among all the pubs of the famous "Guinness Beer" here is the statue of the Irish writer: James Joyce...

We spend a very pleasant evening chatting with all the Italians we meet on the street when suddenly we understand that we have the classical dilemma: "Where are we going to sleep considering that it's already one a.m.?"

We walk around hoping to get any idea when we see a park in a distance, we will set our tent here!

What a nightmare night...!


12 august Cardiff (WALES)

From Holyhead Port we sail... destination Wales!

[Cheryl McBeth from Manituba Ray, Canada]: "Well guys, you definitely made our ferry ride more enjoyable. I now have a different view of Italians! So they are not all jerks after all!

Consider yourselves lucky to be living in such a beautiful part of the world.

You have so much at your finger tips that so many others never get a chance to see! Take care and remember that you can only live once, so now is the time to see and do it all!"


13 august Oxford (ENGLAND)

[Takx]: "After a nightmare day here we are again at Whiff's in Oxford surrounded by friendly faces...

In the evening we go back to Wheatley College because Marc is planning a party at his room with some Tunisian girls".




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