29 december Riga (LATVIA)

This afternoon we go out with two girls known few days ago in the disco: Ilona and Svetlana.

We have a walk in the city center and Krists brings us to a public park, all covered by the snow; we climb the hill located in the center of this park and enjoy a lot because we slip so many times!

A real battle with snow balls starts.

Ilona put some snow inside my T-shirt. I was freezing! I got a cold again!

Krists makes me notice that all the cars are diesel, here, and this because they must be always on to keep the heating active otherwise they can become real freezers.

In the evening we go to dance at the "Zaļā Vārna".

At about 5.30 a.m. me and Martins go back home, but...

Krists is in sweet company!

Damn, I have to sleep in Martins' room where there's his cat too.

I hate cats!

After making sure that that pet has been thrown out, at 7.30 we fall asleep!

30 december Riga (LATVIA)

The cat was still there and, as soon as I open my eyes, I see him walking on a closet not fare from my face, I soon get angry with Martins!

In the afternoon, in the center, we assist at the unveiling of the "Melngalvju Nams" , there were also the telecameras of the Latvian National Television!

Walking in the city center, today the temperature was -7°!

In the evening we decide to go to dance to "Slepenais Eksperiments" but we can't catch our trooley bus, I suggest to take a lift.

Here we are and soon a car stops. "They are so kind", I think. But the driver soon asks us one Lats for the lift! A bit surprised, we accept!

While we were dancing in the disco, suddenly a huge guy comes to me and starts talking in Latvian.

I can't understand if he was peaceful or he wanted to fight! When he realizes that I wasn't Latvian, he hugs me as I was his best friend, he tells me that he spoke Spanish because he had lived for one year in Venezuela and then he asks me if I knew the other Italian that was in the disco. "What? Is there another Italian?"

Maybe it's Francesco! We arrange that if he finds him, he would have introduced himeself to me.

Here he's ten minutes later. He asks me to follow him.

We go to another room when Gints jumps on me and warns me to pay attention at that guy. What can I do by now?

He's so huge!

He brings me to a room, then to another one, in the end I notice some blood spots on the floor, I'm alone with him and I start getting worried when I see far away a guy different by all the one I was used to meet in these two weeks over there.

"Are you Italian?", I soon ask. He can't believe it! We chat a lot, he confesses me that he didn't trust that energumen too when he told him about me and he also was scared when he saw the blood spots on the floor.

31 december Riga (LATVIA)

Today I did a piercing! It's been hard to find the right place, sometimes, also a simple thing, here, becomes difficult!

We manage in the end, I pay 5 Lats but what a service!

I had to book in a women beauty center, then a man in smoking takes me to a room where, a few later, a girl disinfects my ear and BANG! Here is a memory of this journey and of the twentieth century forever on my body!

Leo is working on the huge turkey that Martins' Godmother has given him for his name day, he looks like a surgeon while he is operating; with lancet and scissors: cuts, sews, fills... we are going to live the last day of this year, of this century, of this millennium!

We spend the last hours of the year in the skyscraper of the "Latvijas Televīzija", Latvian National Television. In spite of the very expensive price of the ticket (60 Lats) there were so many people.

Moreover it wasn't easy to find it (we have managed because Uvis' mother works there)!

It was the most chic party of the whole Country, the most important Latvian band has played all night long live and everything was broadcasted in TV. Suddenly also the Republic President arrived.

At about 23.45 we go out to say good bye to the old year and welcome the new one!

We bring so many champagne bottles and at midnight there has been the fireworks show, even if we haven't managed to admire it properly because of the snow!

Everybody were drinking, singing the Latvian National Anthem, everybody were happy and snow whitened everything and everybody!

Martins was drunk, was kissing all the girls who were passing and staggered falling down many times!

Temperature was between -7° and -15°, once, in 1978 it went down till -42,5°!

During the night Uvis' mum brings us in her office at the 18th floor of the skyscraper. We could enjoy the wonderful view of Riga by night from there.

She tells me that we have been lucky because very few people have had the honour to visit that place, to go up till there and watch the sunrise of the new millennium with a soft snow falling down the sky!


02 january Riga (LATVIA)

Today we go with Reinis and his cousin Kristos to an abandoned civilian airport to do a rally with cars and little sledges! We enjoy so much even if I get a cold again!

It is cool running with the car on those wide white spaces. I drive a car for the first time in my life on a infinite white ground.

As soon as you touched the accelerator the car ungummed.

Me and Martins spend all the night at the disco with Agnese.

After taking her at home, on foot, at first we are stopped by a group of prostitutes, then by two gipsies who ask us for money because they had just been released from jail.

They insist when we don't want to give them anything and when Martins tells them I'm Italian, they look at me in admiring way, they say: "Ohhhh!", and they go away.


03 january Riga (LATVIA)

After a whole afternoon spent with Martins, Agnese and Guna playing pools, we go and eat something at the McDonald and... here Francesco with his girlfriend Tania. It was weird hearing a Russian girl speaking Naples' dialect! That smart guy has taught her his dialect instead of Italian language!

Today, for the first time, it is not snowing! There has been some ray sun that creates many problems.

Snow starts melting and huge icy slabs fall down by the cornice in a very dangerous way. Many roads are blocked for this reason!

At the end we decide to go to the cinema to watch a James Bond movie: "The world is not enough". In English but with subtitles in Russian and Latvian that covered almost half screen!?!

05 january Riga (LATVIA)

I meet Agnese's brother: Ianis. He has worked last summer on a Russian ship which transported gas and had been to New York, to Venezuela, to Barbados till Trinidad and Tobago.

Life was really hard there, he was a simple ship-boy, he had to wash, clean, paint and all for three dollars per day.

It has been a great experience!

06 january Riga (LATVIA)

When Krists gets up to go to work, I was just coming back home from the disco!

He starts to do a lot of noise! I was very tired, he starts singing, then dance and jump, then switch on the light, then the lamp and points it towards my face... Later, maybe because I was too tired to react, he switch the stereo on at maximum volume.

In the end, while I was as a hedgehog when is disturbed, he comes to me and quietly asks me: "So, what did you do last night?" And me: "I'll tell you later". He insists: "Come on, tell me!" "Noooo. Let me sleeeeeep!!!"


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