11 january Riga (LATVIA)

[Krists Hissons from Riga, Latvia]: "You know that I'm very lazy to write something but I'll try. When I was in Italy, I have enjoyed very much while I was in your house, with you and all your friends.

I hope that you also have enjoyed this time.

Never forget that you will be always welcome in my house. Wow, I wrote so much! Come on Mark, life is short, do what you want but don't forget your friends, especially me."

I'm sitting on the sofa with Martins and Krists waiting for Reinis who will take us to the Riga Airport, today I'll leave to Helsinki.

I came back home two hours before from the disco. Music was still roaring in my ears while I was packing my last things.

Here I'm, alone again but with a huge luggage of life and experiences.

The airport, this morning, is a mess because also the President of the Republic is leaving, she is going to Poland for political matters.

After saying good bye to my friends I'm going to leave this land that has given to me so much.

In one hour and half I'll meet my Finnish pen friend: Maaria.

We have known for three years by now but we have never met!

Paldies Latvija

12 january Lahnajärventie (FINLAND)

"Are you Mark?"

Here is the nice Maaria! By her SAAB, we go to Helsinki.

The first thing I notice, going across those roads, through the forest with high trees and full of snow, is the asphalt tongue without snow...

I couldn't understand how they managed to keep thrm cleaned, without snow even because we haven't met any snowplow.

After joking a bit, she reveals me the secret. In Finland, roads are warmed up!!! When the snow falls, it soon melts! Mystery solved!

She brings me sightseeing the city center. Maybe for the bad weather (it was snowing), or because it was already dark but I haven't seen any interesting monument.

Only many malls, nice and coloured, on the other hand they have to invent something to avoid to stay in the street in winter time!

In the evening, we go to her house. It is very pretty and all in wood. As the one in the cartoon. I have liked it very much and then, her family has been very kind and friendly with me.

[Maaria Sainio from Lahnäjarventie, Finland]: "Dear Mark, thanks for visiting Finland: my home".

13 january Vantaa (FINLAND)

Early in the morning, she takes me again to the airport.

She's very kind, I have enjoyed meeting her.

Francesco's flight has just landed together with one from Dubai. The first going out are the ones from Arab Emirates.

All tan; one was wearing summer flip flops, a cow-boy hat and a Hawaiian T-shirt with huge coloured parrots painted on it. "Hey man, do you know where you have landed?"

After meeting Francesco, we sit at the same table where we were almost one month ago!

We tell each other all that happened in this last period. How many things in few days, how many good memories, how many new experiences, new friends, and now it's already all over, but no regrets, only the joy to have lived all these!

They are calling our flight.

We are coming back home!


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