BUDAPEST september 2001


11 September 2001

A date that no one will ever forget. A day where something deeply changed in all the world. A tragedy worthy of the most exciting fantasy cinema movie, but with a difference: everything was real. One day you wake up and discover that cruelty, the evil still exists in the 21th century. We supposed that after the Nazi concentration camps we touched the bottom. Times change and men's mentalities as well. But it's not all true, At least it's not from today on. Today, that "bottom" has been "knocked". I was travelling with the dear Nino from Bologna to Budapest when we start receiving the first incomplete newsabout a plane crashed in New York. Well, it can happen, even if, in the city center is a bit weird. We keep on our journey... Another one crashes in the same place. It can't be a coincidence. Another one. We start getting worried. The news overlapped and get us very confussed. What's going on?

At 08.47 of Tuesday 11 september 2001 America was living a morning as many others. One minute later the cruelty hit New York, America and the whole world. The Towers hit erutpted fire and flames, the eyes of all the people: astonishment and incredulity.
When the Towers collapsed, the wholw world was already in front of the television and was watching astonished those smoking rubbes, that buried forever people and dreams. They buried certainties of millions people forever. They buried the world that we knew untill that moment forever.

Who caused that hell? Why? Names and faces of the guilties were ready very fast, too fast. Was possible that a such efficient staff that managed to find the guilties in few hours couldn't manage to avoid it?
Thousands doubts, thousands questions crowded, in those days, in the minds of the people of the Earth, but eyes could see only the images of those people who were falling form the skyscrapers in flames.

In Budapest all the television news of the world keeps on broadcasting uninterruptedly those dreadful images. We see those heart-rending commented in all the languages of the world and we, dumb, beyond that plastic box, wonder if it's all true. If it's only a nightmare or man became crazy. Until this edge?


Me and Nino

12 September Budapest (HUNGARY)

I spend my 22nd birthday with Nino and some Hungarian friends, we are still torn for the news coming from the States, we are very worried. Something has changed.

Elegant Budapest
"When you are away from your territory all the defenses melt to keep away from the others."

- Gianni Celati - (Adventures in Africa)


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