24 july Copenhagen (DENMARK)

In the Danish capital we receive another bad news. If we want to keep on to Stockholm we need another expensive reservation.

Unless... Unless we go to Sweden, in Malmö. Rules are different over there and the reservation is not mandatory.

Here we are, we take the first train to Sweden and in twenty minutes we cross the longest bridge in Europe. Cool!

Malmö is very small but really pretty!

After sightseeing the city and bought the ticket to Stockholm we go back to Copenhagen.

Another wonderful city! Crowded, full of life, wide streets reserved to the pedestrians, many street's artists.

We decide to reach the symbol of Andersen city: the famous "Mermaid"! We are so tired!

We walk more than three kilometers with our backpacks! It has been an awful idea not leaving them in the train station! Our shoulders hurt so much and once we get to destination we fall on the ground!

Along the way we "collect" a 20 years old South Korean guy: Kim, who stays with us all day long!

I feel so different from the last inter rail, much less worried, more carefree and happy.

Maybe because I trust Pedro very much, maybe because the places we are visiting are not full of gipsies who always try to steal you, maybe because people here are different or maybe because train, here, are not divided into compartments but huge single carriages.

25 july Stockholm (SWEDEN)

We meet two Austrian guys: Phillip and Wolfgang.

Stockholm is a very interesting city. It's huge and full of monuments and statues which remind the time of the famous Vikings. We wanted to go to Oslo but, in the end, due to the bad connection of the trains, we decide to follow our new trip friends till the North of Norway: in the cold Norwegian Lapland!

We will have to travel for 19 hours so we do some food shopping in the expensive Swedish capital.

It's wonderful here. On his romantic and quite train, with nice people, listening to Wolfy's favourite music, crossing unforgettable landscapes, infinite lakes, deep and shady forests.

Let's enjoy these moments now!

26 july Narvik (NORWAY)

At four a.m. Pedro, very upset, wakes me up to show me that there is still the light!

This phenomenon is called : "Midnight sun", that is, the sun for six months never sets, but then, for six more, rises for just few hours...

In the train, me and Wolfgang prepare a nice dinner with tuna, tomatoes and a pineapples salad. My Austrian friend appreciates it very much. We toast with a white wine glass: Skol!

19 hours later, here we are in this mystic place. All our camping plans, tents and entertainment are destroyed by the rain.

Luckilly Inger comes to help us (the Norwegian girl who has shared the transfer Stockholm - Narvik with us!), she invites us for lunch at her's.

Ten minutes by car and we are in her comfortable house, two floors, all in wood as the typical Finnish or Latvian houses!

Tasty lunch: rice with shrimps.

After sightseeing the city center, we decide to go to the sea, along one of the many and famous fiord!

Wolfgang takes his fishing-rod and starts fishing, while we take thousands pictures, excited by a such wonderful place.

Narvik has the characteristic to have the houses of gaudy colours, this because during the six months of darkness they want to revive the city greyness.

We are in the Northest place I have ever been, about 600 kilometers North of the Polar Arctic Circle.

On that beach, that, actually, is formed by huge brown and red rocks... We prepare our dinner.

Me and Wolfgang the same of yesterday, Philipp and Pedro some spaghetti at Bolognese, in can.

Two nice local men offer us a lift till the train station. We will try to sleep here tonight. It's weird. Unbelievable, it's midnight but the sun is high in the sky. It's so wonderful to be here. This place is different from the ones I have been so far. Now we'd better sleep because tomorrow we will have to do a long trip till Santa Claus village in the North of Finland.

I feel so good here, I feel I have the same courage of the first inter rail but with the maturity of the second. A perfect binomial!

"I realized that there was nothing to learn in the deep North. You can get the lighting there where you are."

- Matsuo Basho -

"No man should neglect to do at least once in his lifetime the healthy experience, although it may be boring, of the loneliness in the uninhabited nature and try to depend solely by himself and measure his real inner strength. "

- Jack Kerouac - (Alone on the top of a mountain)

27 july Kemi (FINLAND)

What a wonderful night!

I have never slept so good during an inter rail!

Locked in a clean and quite train station, in a hot place, with the fiord which lies on the North Sea and lightened up by the sun. This particular sun which never dies! We, locked, in our sleeping bags...

Tonight we should sleep in Kemi train station in order to take the coincidence, tomorrow, early in the morning, to Rovaniemi!

It will be another adventure night, I almost like when we don't know what will be going on later!

Everybody tells us to pay attention because many guys get drunk and then they want to fight, tonight that is Friday night.

Me, Wolfy and Philipp decide to do guard all night long.

Few later the blonde Austrian guy locks in his sleeping bag and disappears among Morpheus arms.

At four a.m. I fall asleep too, I was freezing.

At 5.30 a.m. I open my eyes again and I see the poor Wolfy, surrounded by a lake of cigarette-ends, around his feet. He has guarded all night long. Great!

In the end we catch the comfortable train to Rovaniemi and we soon fall asleep, we wake up just on time to get out only for chance!

We go to Napapiiri by bus, the famous Santa Claus village.

Here you can breathe Christmas air all year long.

It impresses me very much the line of the Polar Arctic Circle: 66° 33' 07"

A funny football match "Portugitaly" against Austria makes us spend a wonderful afternoon in Rovaniemi.

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