06 agosto Jurmala (LATVIA)

After the jump with the parachute we have done all that we had scheduled here.

In the evening I go with Krists, Signe and Karina in Jurmala, a nice place on the Baltic Sea.

This is the best way to say good bye to these days of intense emotions lived here in Latvia.

Few hours later, the nice and sleepy Krists, (it was four a.m.) takes us to the bus station and, twenty minutes later, we leave toward the last Baltic State.



07 agosto Vilnius (LITHUANIA)

The suburb of the Lithuanian capital is very degradated. Many poor, mendicants, thieves who walk around us. It has left me a bad impression.

In the main train station, I meet four Finnish people (three girls: Anna, Bea and Lena and a guy: Taapsa) at their first day of inter rail.

In this international train station: no one speaks English, but luckily, Bea, who has lived four years in Moscow, speaks fluently Russian, so she helps us solving many problems!

The train to Warsaw doesn't have normal seats but only couchettes, so, after one hour and forty minutes of conversation, we manage to book a whole compartment with six beds for all of us....

Vilnius is a very ambiguous city. It remindes me of Istanbul: a very poor side with mendicants, sick people, mutilated and homeless on the street with the opened hands begging for money and a rich side where you could see expensive cars, people well dressed and all the Governments buildings and the Embassies.

The night in the couchette is quite, too bad we haven't manage to sleep because of all the controls of the border police, the train controllers and so on...

08 agosto Czestochowa (POLAND)

During this journey I have learnt to be more patient with the people I care and colder with whom I don't.

From Warsaw we leave to Czestochowa.

As all the religious places, there is a silence and an unreal peace, broken now and then by the lyrics from the chapels or by the priests' sermons.

At the railway station, while we were getting ready to go to Bratislava, in Slovakia, two tramps try to rob us while Pedro was taking a nap.

So we decide to catch the first train we see going away from Czestochowa and we get out in the first train station we stop.

Here we are: in Zawiercie.

09 agosto Vienna (AUSTRIA)

At "Stephansdom" Church in Vienna.

What a night! I don't know yet where we have gone all night long but at first a train controller enters, the Polish police border, then the Czech one, then another controller, then again the Czech and the Polish one, then some other policeman and in the end the Austrian one... Suddenly I can't handle it anymore, I only know that I "fall asleep" with my passport and the train ticket in my hand, the same that, before leaving, we hid so carefully!

Vienna is wonderful, rich of monuments of the Austro-hungaric Empire. Very elegant and romantic!

We are very tired and the "marathon" from the train station till the city center, with our backpacks heavier and heavier, on our shoulders, is really hard.

In the evening we leave to Bregenz. Philipp's city. What picturesque views we can admire from here!

So many different landscapes. Many discordant feelings. Many different memories but always with the same spirit and the same desire to have more, always more... Forever!

10 agosto Bregenz (AUSTRIA)

I was looking at my beloved backpack, with all his badges, each of them seems to represent a booties!

I have lived three inter rails with him so far, unforgettable experiences.

Then my beloved journey shorts. They have taken me wherever too. The more they are dirty the more I'm proud of them. My mum, when I go back home from an inter rail, has to wash them several times before they get their natural colour again.

During a trip, I have never washed them because each single spot reminded me of something, this year too: on the lower left pocket there's a spot of strawberry jam (of the breakfast in the hostel in Luxembourg), on the right one above: a dark halo reminds me of another breakfast (on the ferry Helsinki -Tallinn, when I forgot in my pocket a box of butter and it melted leaving me its "signature"!)...

In a few days, in an adventure trip, in contact with people and situations always different: you learn many more things that you can do in a whole year closed inside the four walls of your town, city or country!

Phil's house is lovely, modern and artistic.

He lives here with his dad. As soon as we arrive weall go to drink something in a pub where he introduces ourselves some friends of his.

11 agosto Bregenz (AUSTRIA)

In the afternoon we go with Patrick and Jasmine (two Phil's friends met last night in the pub), to have lunch in Germany!

Yes, Bregenz is four km from the German border and 50 from Liechtenstein.

Then we visit Costance Lake, in Lindau. We see the famous dirigible "Zeppelin Nt" in flight!

The main feature of this lake is that with one glance you can admire three Countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany!

I am really impressed by Patrick's civic sense, great environment lover! When he has to throw anything, he has no scruple, wherever he is and whatever he has in his hands, he throws it on the ground!


[Pedro from Porto, Portugal]: "Just enjoy the ride"!

I think all the people in the world should be obliged once a month to have that kind of experience...

You get to see the world in the most beautiful way.

You see colours as nobody ever seen, you hear true sounds, you reach a level of sensitiveness impossible to define.

Suddenly there are answers for everything in the world, there is a global understanding of life. I became for some how the person I wanted to be. I reached the peace.

The are no problems, only solutions".

12 agosto Montreux (SWITZERLAND)

Come back in the Swiss capital, Lory had already arranged all our evenings: tonight at "Prestige", tomorrow to a festival, the day after tomorrow... STOP! "Hey, we are dead tired and with no money!"

We decide to visit Montreux indeed.

The city where Freddie Mercury, Queen leader, recorded his last album and where he died.

There is a huge statue in the center that recalls that.

Pilgrimage destination for all his fans. It's a very quite city along the Lake Costance. We have a very relaxing walk and soon later we go to Lausanne.

I just don't understand why this city is so full of Arabs. Restaurants show names and prices of the food not only in French (we are in the French Canton) but in Arabic too.

It is weird to see all those women, those girls with long large trousers, veils which cover their faces here...

Lausanne is, instead, full of blacks.

All dressed as criminal rappers. It seems to me to stay in the American Harlem.

13 agosto Zurich (SWITZERLAND)

Today we have been at the Street Parade in Zurich. We have seen so many crazy things. People masked in the weirdest ways. People with the body sprayed, thousands people from all over Europe.

Everywhere stands and, each of them, with his dj who was playing music and many people around dancing and having good time.

Masks parades, many floors with house or techno music, many public parks where people were having a rest after dancing all day long.

I have seen so many weird people!

Many searching "LSD" as they were chewing-gums. The only Italian who approached us asked me if I had some drug... Their glance was lost in the air, they have been dancing who knows for how many hours, I felt so sad for them...

There has been about one million people, as we read the following day, in that cold city turned into a Rio de Janeiro of the Alps!

14 agosto Ostermundigen (SWITZERLAND)

[Pedro, from Porto, Portugal]: "And now I can die. This has been the month of my life. So many different feelings everyday. I felt alive 24/7. It's all I ever wanted, I will never forget that. I think of you as a very good friend and this means a lot for me, it means that something has changed in me. This journey has been a great evolution for me, as person.

It's so good travelling together because I already know that you will do the things that, for me, are not so easy: meeting new people and talk with everybody around even if there are only dorks around.

My God, we have been in heaven"...

I have been travelling for 14 hours by now... At 16.22 after saying goodbye to Pedro and Sissy, I catch my first train on my own. What a weird feeling, travelling alone after one month with many people; at the beginning I have "locked" in myself, but then, considering that I should have spent more than twenty hours in train, I said: "It's better if I chat a bit with anyone".

I meet a group of guys from South Korea. We joke a lot, they tell me about the preparation that is going on in their Country in this period for the Football World Cup of next year, they leafed through each page of my journal taking it with a long and Asiatic: "Ohhhhhh"!

Pedro has been an excellent travel mate. We have shared a life experience that, for sure has changed us, improved us.

He says that he learnt a lot from me but actually I have to thank him very much. He has taught me, with his polite manners, so many things that he can't imagine.

Obrigado Pedro. Let's hope to live another adventure like this again, a journey like this as only us could invent it.


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