How many things have changed from the last journey...

Each of them represents an important moment in my life where not only I have grown up fed by new adventures and mishaps but I also think about my existential situation!

So here I am!

On a train on the way to Milan after departing last night from Caserta..


16 july Milan (ITALY)

In Milan I stroll around the city center.

I see, for the first time in my life, the famous and majestic "Duomo".

It can sound weird but I had been several times to Milan but only in the airport!

17 july Milan (ITALY)

Here Pedro, at last!

We will face this new adventure together.

It has been really hard to find him, I didn't know which city he was coming from, the time, the platform number etc.

What a mess! In the end I see him from faraway, his backpack on a bench and he looks like a zombie.

I am so happy to see him again!

18 july Bern (SWITZERLAND)

After crossing wonderful landscapes by train: natural waterfalls, snowy tops, flocks of sheep. So nice! It seems to me to live in the cartoon: "Heidi"!

We get to Bern, in Switzerland.

We meet Lory, she warmly welcomes us.

A friend of their mum reserves a whole flat for us in Ostermundigen (Bern suburb). What a welcome!

With the funny Lory, we spend the whole night hanging around in many discos: Lory is crazy!

[Lory Mottola from Bern, Switzerland]: "You brought a piece of life, of feelings, of heart... A piece of life forgotten by now in me... The importance of the memory, distance overcame, be here"...


20 july Bern (SWITZERLAND)

Lory introduces ourselves many people. Almost all Italian (emigrants) who do all kinds of jobs, from the printer to the hair-dresser and with high salaries.

Here, anyway, life is very expensive! It seems to me to live an episode of "Turisti per caso" when, abroad, they interview our compatriots moved away! Each of them tells us about problems of insertion and their own lives at the moment. They all look satisfied!

Good luck guys!

In the evening I have a stomach ache attack, my head is turning around and I throw up many times... I get locked in my sleeping bag and I decide not to go to dance with the. Suddenly the door slams and Lory enters, she's very worried, she comes to me asking: "How are you? Please, tell me how do you feel!"

Meanwhile two friends of her arrive too: Carmen and Fabio and a bit later, maybe for the fun that they have brought in our flat, I soon feel better. We spend the night at Carmen's, dancing and enjoying all night long... Me and Pedro enjoy so much when we start dubbing all the spots or movies in TV, inventing dialogues and stories!

At 3.20 a.m. we start watching "Blair Witched Project" in German with English subtitles...


21 july Luxembourg (LUXEMBOURG)

We get to the rich Luxembourguese capital in the afternoon with the idea of keeping on directly to Amsterdam; but, as it always happens during the inter rails, we never do what we have planned and we let the fate drive us... So, we meet a group of Spanish from the Canary Islands, who are searching a hostel. We join them!

There are many concerts everywhere in the city and so many people!

Luxembourg City surprises me a lot!

Dinner with ravioli in can bought in Bern and cooked with our gas-ring.

Delicious! I sleep with my backpack next to me and all my documents, money and pouch inside my sleeping bag. Nt very comfortable though!



22 july Amsterdam (HOLLAND)

During the transfer from Bruxelles to Amsterdam, I hear by an American girl who was coming from Italy, that in Genoa, during the G8, a demonstrator had been killed! Carlo Giuliani, his name, but she didn't know more!

Once in the Dutch capital we directly go to the "Magic Mushrooms" coffee shop for Pedro. He has planned the whole trip for this purchase!

He is so excited! He has been talking about these mushrooms for one year! He used to say that last year he felt such wonderful feelings, he saw and heard things, never felt before... He wants to buy the supplies and enjoy all the year long! Whatever!

I soon forbid him to buy many because we could have had problems crossing all those borders and I didn't want to have troubles for that stupid thing! Then I suggest him to taste them when we are in a quite place, without backpack and with a "safe roof " (I was talking about Latvia), so if we had problems...

He doesn't care! And after buying two small boxes I take him along a canal in order to make him eat them in relax!

Even if I don't like what he's doing I stay with him. He offers some to me too but, luckily, I deny!

At the beginning he feels in "heaven", few later the hell starts!

After many misadventures we reach the train station and we take a train to Schipol airport, where we are right now.

[Pedro from Porto, Portugal]: "I feel very bad if I try to say something that I'm sure you will not understand. The things that I felt today are impossible to express by words and nobody can feel them without mushrooms. I will try to write you portions of the billions of things that I have in my mind during the journey.

I'm very sorry for what has happened today, if I knew I would be like that I would never eat them. I have suffered so much, you can't even imagine a small part of what I've been through.

I almost died because I lost the control of my mind and my body. When I say died I'm not exaggerating, I was uncoscient many times at the restaurant, I felt as I have never felt before.

Anyway we will have a lot of time to discuss about that. This day, as strange as it may seem, it has been very positive. As I told you, the experience of the mushrooms are unique and they change your mind and the way you see the world. You understand so many things that surround you, you find the meaning for every little piece of shit, for every day of your life.

I wish I could enjoy life like you do, calmly, just having good time, everywhere and with everybody... It hurts so much not to be able to do it. I try to change but it's very hard. Today, these mushrooms have brought calm to my spirit, I hope it can last forever, I'm anxious to live my life quietly as everybody, I hope we can grow up together... I'm learning a lot of things with you, I really need our friendship lasts forever".


23 july Bonn (GERMANY)

We are in the North of Germany, it's getting colder and colder.

Bonn is a delicious city, small, clean, quite. We have lunch in a small park and we cook, with our beloved gas-ring, a lentil's soup. Very tasty!

After sightseeing the city center, we decide to visit Köln.

The first thing that impresses you the most, as soon as you go out the train station, is the majestic cathedral! I'm sitting on a bench just in front of it right now... When I have seen it I felt the same as when I saw "Stonehenge" or the "Big Ben" for the first time! It's huge and elegant! As usual: words are not enough to describe what you felt... To make everything more exciting: there was the music coming from the organ of the cathedral... Magic was in the air...

In the evening we take our train to Copenhagen, we don't know that our night was still long...

They make us get out the train for a stupid reservation that we hadn't.

It's eight of us (me from Italy, a Portuguese, a couple from Finland, a Norwegian, a Danish, an Indian and an American), we wander around Germany from train station to train station all night long.

In Hamburg we manage to book some seats on the train to Denmark but it will depart only in three hours. We are very tired because we have spent all night long awake, we decide to have a rest there. We get in our sleeping bag and we soon fall asleep, few later I feel someone touching my arm. Damn! German police again, they warn us that we can't lie there.

Bothered we go to our platform where, me and Pedro, with our gas-ring, prepare a hot tea for everybody!


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