This is my first flight after the tragedy of the 11th September.

In the airport, honestly, I haven't found such hard controls as I expected.

I admit that I was a bit afraid, now and then I took a look around at the other passengers faces to see if there was any suspected, but the first apprehension soon turned into a relaxing nap!

20 december Canedo (PORTUGAL)

In "Sà Carneiro" airport of Oporto, while I'm waiting for my suitcase, I hear someone calling me. It's Bruno Melo, elegantly dressed, that now works here as an architect because they are building the second wing of the airport. He knew I was coming and he did this nice surprise... We have chatted a bit waiting for Pedro.

Left my suitcase at Pedro's we go directly to Florido's, his father, who lives in Canedo, in a cold and lonely countryside for a typical Portuguese lunch.

22 december Maia (PORTUGAL)

Me and Pedro go to Jorge's where they are working hard at the recording of their first album. They ask me a featuring too, I should write some lines in Italian and rapping it in their CD.

We will see!


23 december Oporto (PORTUGAL)

I'm so tired...

I haven't slept for 2 days... and when I go to sleep, I wake up the following night...

I get up and soon we start to record the first of my lyrics.

I have realized that it's much harder than I thought!

We have been working for more than three hours and half and we haven't finished yet.

At 2 a.m. I went with Veronica (Pedro's sister) and Rui (her boyfriend) to a disco at the Riberinha

24 december Lavra (PORTUGAL)

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas has been different from the last two ones. It has passed as any other day of the year, maybe because we were few, maybe because in the course of the time feast don't get me very excited anymore, maybe because they don't use fireworks here, I don't know, I only know that it has been an ordinary day!

At 19 we go to eat at McDonald! We were the only one... Actually it's not very smart to eat before the Christmas dinner...

At midnight the sweet Veronica comes dressed as Santa Claus and brings many gifts to everybody!

They all have been so tender. Everybody gave me something!

At 1.30 a.m. I go to sleep when Veronica calls me to help her to open a hot dog jar... So, at two a.m., here we are, after the Christmas dinner, at the table with ketchup, mustard, mayonese...

26 december Lavra (PORTUGAL)

[Sara Castro from Oporto, Portugal]: "Falei com Deus e ele disse-me que choven no dia que nasceste, mas nao era chuva, era o ceu a chorar por ter perdido a sua estrela mais linda!"


28 december Lavra (PORTUGAL)

Today, after lunch, the funny Rui and Veronica left to Serra da Estrela, where they are going to spend New Year's eve and from there they will leave to Alentejo, where they live, in the South of Portugal.

No problem, the house is already repopulated with Eduarda (Pedro's girlfriend) and her sister Maria Joao.

Walking in the city center of Oporto I noticed that Portugal is a very cosmopolitan Country thanks to her former colonies. You see many people with almond eyes (they are the one from Macao Island), black (Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau) and mulattos (Brazil, Guyana)!

And of course they export not only their traditions but also their products, that's why you see many Chinese restaurants, shops with tropical fruit, African vegetables etc.

30 december Oporto ( PORTUGAL)

Tonight we go to the cinema to watch: "Spy Games", but, as in Spain, here, they translate everything, we watch: "Jogo de Espios".

A wonderful spy movie with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, in English with the subtitles in Portuguese!


31 december Oporto (PORTUGAL)

New Year's Eve!

We wait for the midnight in "Praça do Aliados", as last year.

I lived the same atmosphere of the Carnival in my city, people was having a very good time!

Midnight fireworks has been very elegant and nice!

01 january Lavra (PORTUGAL)

Eduarda brings me a piece of the cake she had just prepared! I didn't like it!

She put too many things inside: chocolate, cream, nuts, apples etc.

She even brings it in my room in a dish and I: "Oh thanks, I'll eat it later!" She hasn't gone away until I had finished it! While I was eating it, I had to pretend that I was enjoying it... "Mmm good!"

I still have stomach ache!



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