02 january Perafita (PORTUGAL)

Today the weather is very bad! I decide to take some picture at the stormy Ocean with Pedro, in a small town nearby: Perafita.

Too bad that my pictures will never be able to make you feel what I felt!

Later, at the McDonald, a very important historical moment, I touch, for the first time, our future money: Euro!

03 january Lavra (PORTUGAL)

Today I was alone with all the women and Ofelia tells me about her story with Florido, very romantic!

She was in Mozambique with her family and she was studying with her future husband's sister, who was doing the military service in Guinea Bissau.

They meet when Florido goes on leave to Mozambique to visit her sister.

At the beginning Ofelia didn't like him at all...

Few days later he comes back to Guinea and a "epistolary story " begins and it lasts two years, till they both, for different reasons, go back to Lisbon.

Six months later they are married! Life is unpredictable!

After dinner I feel inspired and I finish my last lyric.

Title: "Beyond that tear"

04 january Aveiro (PORTUGAL)

Aveiro is famous for two reasons:

1) It's considered as the Portuguese Venice or Amsterdam because of all her canals.

2) With Coimbra it forms the Portuguese binomial as Oxford with Cambridge in England, for their universities, of course!

Arrived in the city we are welcomed by Nuno, a friend of Pedro's.

We meet in his university! There are many bars, coffee shops, conferences halls and classes and labs.

All the students live there, just as in England and there are many foreigners. There is also the so called Erasmus Building. A dream!

When we go back to Oporto we do some graffiti's around!

Vandals! .

06 january Vigo (SPAIN)

We come back at 6 a.m. and four hours later we are already on the way to Vigo, Spain!

We stop to visit Viana do Castelo and "Santa Luzia" Church .

After a lunch in the car, as real inter railers, we get to Vigo in Galicia Region.

Honestly Vigo is nothing special. Classical city full of high buildings and nothing more! But it has cool because we were both tourists in this circumstance.

After a fast snack at McDonalds where we take the first Spanish Euros we keep on till Guimaraes!

At last a delicious city! Tiny, romantic, pretty, full of small lanes in stones and with no car traffic! It's the classical Medieval town you can find in Umbria or in the Marches, in Italy. It has impressed me very much!

In the evening we finish our tour in Braga, where Eduarda lives.


07 january Oporto (PORTUGAL)

Today I have "tasted" for the first time a "magic mushroom" (Cubensis) directly form Amsterdam.

After that we go to the city center to see the effects...

I haven't seen anyone transformed or magic monsters, I was simply laughing as a crazy guy for everything...

09 january Lavra (PORTUGAL)

This morning, just for chance, I watch RAI UNO and while they were announcing a strike of the air traffic controllers...


Packed all my stuff, Pedro brings me to the airport and there:

Porto - Milan = Cancelled

I will leave tomorrow.

But I will have to take three planes in one day!

What a stress!

10 january Lavra (PORTUGAL)

This time I have managed to leave... First flight: Porto - Lisbon with Air Portugal and with a plane that did just a brief pit stop in the Portuguese capital, I was the only one getting out, they keep on to Rio de Janeiro!

Second flight: Lisbon - Rome... In the end Rome - Naples, the plane takes off and 15 minutes later: lands.

Too bad that my suitcase decides to go to Brazil without me!

(Ndr It will arrive at my house two days later with the apologizes of Alitalia!)


Obrigado Portugal!


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