05 august Riga (LATVIA)

We spent all the afternoon long with Kyle (the Newyorkese guys known last year in Germany and met perchance in Riga this year) and his Latvian friend Valentina to visit the famous Riga zoo!

It has been very interesting, we have enjoyed a lot!

Then we spent a nice evening at first, in an Irish pub, and then at the Roxy till seven a.m.

Three hours later we are around again to take Agos to the airport!

06 august Riga (LATVIA)

[Kyle Kouate da New York, USA]: "Meet you in Riga one year later... I thought last year it was enough when I met you in that club. This year was a knock ou! Stop following me!"

We are in Riga airport and Agos is dong the check in. I'm so sorry that he goes away, those days have flown away.

[Agos]: "My Latvian holiday is over just when it was starting. I have enjoyed it very much."

Agos has just left and I already miss him!

07 august Riga (LATVIA)

Breakfast at Krists'.

We go to visit a huge Russian monument in the afternoon with Krists and Martins, by bike.

The classical high monument, a mausoleum dedicated to the dead of the Second World War.

I have never understood why Russian had this greatness mania!

Crossing a park I notice a little bridge with hundreds padlocks that were swinging evrywhere!

I thought that they were used by the teens of the park to look after their bikes but Krists explained me that the couples usually put them there as love pawn.

Then they throw the key in the stream as symbol of eternity!

08 august Riga (LATVIA)

Strolling around the city center I take part of a spinster farewell!

I had to write my telephone number on the bride's leg and, according to the tradition, her husband should have phoned me to invite me to a duele!

It has been really nice!

Who knows how much the international call will cost him!

09 august Riga (LATVIA)

We visit a military museum in the city center with Kyle and Krists.

It deals with the phase between December 1990 and January 1991 when Latvia became independent from Russia.

The most important part has been the one dedicated to the Latvian liberation... There were hundreds photos, some real barricades used in those days where some of the most beautiful and important pages of Latvian history were written!

Anyway Latvian lined up in two sides, one with German and the other with Russian and this because some thought to conquer and defende the freedom of their own Country fighting with a faction or with the other. They both wanted the same thing figthing a fratricidal war unaware that Germany and Russia, on the other side, wanted to subdue them!

I meet two very nice guys from Rome: Andrea and Fabrizio. The first works for RAI (Italian Television) and is taking a film about Riga

In the evening, as promised to Krists, I drink a whole glass of pure vodka in a sip to celebrate this my new jump! In the end, as I expected, I don't feel very well, I have head-ache, and at two am I go back home alone!

10 august Riga (LATVIA)

Signe's brother, 13 years old, came to Leo and Anda's, this afternoon. The sweet Ianis. He came here from the country, where he lives with Signe's family, for a blind date with a girl! Good start! He has brought some tomatos, apples, cucumbers, carrots etc.

Few hours later I meet, in the city center, my friends and the poor Ianis with a rose in the hand! Disappointed, he comes back home after the unsuccesful meeting. The little girl didn't show up! Well, dear friend, c'est la vie!

11 august Riga (LATVIA)

Spaghetti party at three am at the two Roman's house with Marsha and her friend: Ilona.

After many adventures I get home at 6.20 a.m...

Krists wakes me up few later, I have to pack my suitcase and go to the airport!

The very kind Martins takes me there.

At this time Krists and Signe are in Copenhagen waiting for their flight to Rome where we will meet to spend two more weeks together in my summer house in Calabria.


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