20 august Budapest (HUNGARY)

Budapest is just as I remembered it... Maybe worse! In the city centre you meet only Italians and prostitutes...

We meet an Italian porn star, a certain Bruno, a man who only talks about casinos, money and prostitutes!

I don't like Budapest! There are wonderful buildings that reminds us of the glorious past of this city and where the Austro-Hungarian Empire flags were waving, now there are McDonald's ones!

We are Nino's guests!

[Nino Busico from Budapest, Hungary]: "We are still in "my" house in Budapest, everybody is packing for the departure.

I've been living here but I hope to go back to my land forever soon; I'm happy all the times that my friends come to visit me, but then they go away and I've the great desire to go with them.

I entrust all these desires of mine in the hands of God that observes me and leads me.

I have many things to say and write but I stop here, even because dreaming doesn't cost anything!"


Now we are on the train to Krakow...


21 august on the way to Krakow (POLAND)

We are still travelling with a group of Sicilian and Genovese guys!

One of them plays the guitar, someone else sings, there is who jokes, who tries to flirt with the two Danish girls in our compartment... It's almost two a.m. and no one feels like sleeping...

[Luca]: "Here is the inter rail I remembered...

People from all over the world, all together, having a good time"...

[A passenger]: "Sometimes you think you are alone, but just when you least expect it, angels start to fall from the most hidden stars of the night and take care of you... You can't understand what serenity the wrapping hug of their soft wings can infuse...

We are travelling and, while we walk, we don't have the time to watch all the souls we meet on our path... But sometimes moonlight helps us to understand that, somewhere there is someone who looks after us, without realizing it, leaves us something of himself that will never be deleted, helping you to rise from the silent scream"...

[Luca]: "Gabriele has just been robbed of 200 Euros from the pouch that he left unguarded in another compartment.

Luckily they haven't taken his ticket and passport. Gabriele will keep on his journey with us because we, Mark and I, has managed to gather some money for him".

22 august Auschwitz (POLAND)

[Luca]: "We have visited Auschwitz... There is nothing to say... Here man has touched the bottom... for cruelty, for soul poverty, for ignorance, for dead mercy-hope, for cold and fear, for terribly approaching his nature as that of a beast... for this and for what I can't charge to a human being... I'm ashamed because I don't have the strength to accept the idea that this is the reality, nothing else... Poor are the dead men and the one who survive at their death, poor we are that can still do all this, poor are those who doubt and hate in silence, poor is the man who is afraid to live without these visions, poor are the trees, barbed wires and the walls bloody red to have been unintentional witnesses of the men who turned into dust... Poor the one who will have to tell of Auschwitz forever".

23 august Krakow (POLAND)

[Luca]: "Strolling around Krakow we get lost and a girl, met on a tram: Kasia, offers to take us to our hostel!

We couldn't help talking, to "wonder things", it has been so good because it's some kind of weird magic living these situations in these places...

People look humble and seem not to judge you at the first meeting... I'm glad I lived the nth beautiful evening of my life and that I have shared it with someone able to understand my vibrations... I told her that you really fall in love with someone only when you fall in love with the place, the situation too... The person is almost never enough...

Mark is opening the tuna can, Gabriele is searching for some water... I wish I could live in these types of situations all year long!"

"But, there is always what there is and never what there should be"

- Pessoa -

24 august Wroclaw (POLAND)

This city is rather ambiguous.

Sometimes it's so delicious with its Medieval palaces, its characteristic churches and a city center that has nothing to envy to Krakow's one; in the evening, with its suffused lights, it gives you the impression that the time could be stopped there, then you turn your glance to the railway station with its casinos, night clubs, porno video shops and bars full of drunk men...

25 august Wroclaw (POLAND)

This morning we visit the so called : "Panorama Raclawicka", the biggest painting in the world...

it's in a circular and huge room and it portraits a war scene between Polish, that wanted the independence in 1794, and Russian...

The hostess of this train, with viands, has just gone (we are travelling in first class!) and we: "No thanks". It's free, she says! And three seconds later on our table here are many fruit juices and wafers!

[Luca]: "I'm starting feeling the weight of the journey...

I'm psychologically tired, too many emotions in such short time!"

26 august Krakow (POLAND)

[Luca]: "Krakow has really kidnapped us! We have learnt to know this city and how to live it not only as simple tourists, it's hard to believe it but when you feel safe walking alone at three a.m. on the streets, it means something".

The difference between this inter rail and the others is that we aren't travelling a lot here, but we are living much deeper the places that host us... No regrets!

In the evening there are our beloved spaghetti and with them six hot devils from Dublin with litres and litres of beer and vodka... Few later the situation is out of control and this will be one of those wonderful evenings to tell to your nephews one day... Just them!

27 august Krakow (POLAND)

Strolling around the marvellous Krakow, we visit, at first an exhibition of photos taken from above, then Wavel Castle and the Jewish quarter with his synagogues.

What a nice afternoon!

Tonight we are leaving to Prague and the two Genovese guys will be with us, so called: "Itchy and Scratchy"!

By now they belong to our group!


28 august Prague (CZECH REP.)

Three years later.. A different impression, a better one!

[Luca]: "I planned a meeting with a person that I haven't seen for seven years!

Only those who haven't seen someone for so long can understand what I mean.

Prague, for me, is the most beautiful city in Europe, even if it's full of tourists, but the cool thing is that this fxxxing Italians come to Prague and Budapest to visit Eastern Europe... and they tell others they have seen it...

But Eastern, here, is just a far memory: Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest... that is the Eastern one!

I'm glad to see Countries as Czech Republic that are rising up and will be very strong tomorrow!"

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