29 august Salzburg (AUSTRIA)

We have said good bye to our friends from Genoa, great travel mates and, meanwhile, we are leaving Czech Republic inbound Austria.

We have to change trains twice during the night!

Let's hope everything will be ok.


We have been waiting for one hour in Salzburg train station but luckily no one has bothered us so far!

We are going to Ljubljana to meet our friend Ana, who is twenty minutes away from the capital for an international Kendo tournament.

30 august Kranj (SLOVENIA)

I'm in Slovenia again! In an inter rail, you decide, day by day, your destinations according to what happens to you during the trip...

We are very tired after a whole night spent in the train without sleeping because we were afraid that someone might have robbed us again.

We arrive at 5.30 in the Slovenian capital and, after endless lines, we find out that there is no place to sleep because of an International Meeting.

But, as it always happens, unexpectedly, angels fall down from the sky to help you and we manage to book a room in Kranj! A quiet little town on Julia Alps.

At the train station, the Tourist Information assistant, calls a taxi for us, but we, as real inter railers, we hitchhike and meet a lorry driver who loads us with all our back packs and brig us to our "college".

[Luca]: "Today is our 18th day of trip and I feel such a heavy weight on my shoulders!"

31 august Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)

Ljubljana is always the same! Nothing has changed!

Quiet, delicious, green, clean but too silent! It's Saturday afternoon and there is no one around!

We decide to go back to Kranj!

We walk few kilometres to find an internet point in order to arrage the re-entry trip to Italy but we can't manage!

Whatever! In the end we stop in a supermarket to buy all the ingredients for our Italian dinner!

Too bad we couldn't manage to organize one for the four dear Slovenian boys we have met here!

They were so sweet! They would have appreciated it so much! I will never forget the light in their eyes when they kept on asking us, to be sure they had understood correctly, that if they came to visit us in Italy, we would have hosted them for free! They kept on asking: "Really? Really?" Or as they pronounced it: "Weally"!

Tonight there has been a storm.

Perhaps the sky is crying for our departure?

[Luca]: "Kranj. Just a few days, but great ones .

We have had rest and eaten so much!"


01 september Ljubliana (SLOVENIA)

[Luca]: "Tonight we will have to spend the whole night in the train but we are going to do it with pleasure after such a long Slovenian rest!

In this trip I have met again: Vale, Klara, Marta... people that maybe, when we last said good bye, wouldn't have believed that we could have met again! In the same way I'm sure we will meet all the people known during this inter rail again!

The sun...

We are almost in Italy! I would love to remember all that has happened during these days.

Now I'm looking at the woods and I think that they have been here for centuries... Maybe these trees have the "secret"...

When I think about my life I see a man that watches the world from the corridor of a train... He leans out the window... The scenery outside runs... He's excited... His time passes but he doesn't seem to notice it because of the speed of the background... His eyes run fast... They pause for a moment on a house... On a small rail way station... Then they get loose again... It's onto another trip".


02 september Venice (ITALY)

The most important news of this trip have been the hostels! They are cheap and full of people from all over the world...

It happens that, in the morning, you wash yourself next to a Japanese, you have breakfast in front of a Brazilian, you sleep near a Finnish.

You stop one moment at the reception desk and all the world passes in front of your eyes, then, you start with a: "Hey, where are you from?" And the game is on!

I see all these inter railers here in Venice and I think, who knows where they are from, where they are going, what will they do...

I feel a sense of emptiness inside because I will not be able to get to know them, I feel so small because staying locked inside a military school I loose millions of chances to know new people!

[Luca]: "Twenty days chock-a-block of too many things and the desire to travel again soon says everything!"

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