At the end of the academic year, the whole course usually goes for a "diplomatic" trip. We do a long journey around Europe, from Lisbon to Berlin touching Geilenkirchen (at the border with Holland and Belgium) till Riga, in Latvia. We visit the Airforce Academies of these countries and all our Embassies over there but, of course, we enjoy sightseeing all those cities as well.
We are leaving from Naples Capodichino with an Air Portugal flight
Welcome to Lisbon with a good Porto glass
Visit at the Portuguese Airforce Academy


Visit at the Italian Embassy in Lisbon
My Portuguese brother: Pedro


Monument dedicated to the navigator: Magalhães
Romantic Lisbon
The Oceanarium


This year the European Football Cup will be played here in Portugal and parties are everywhere. There are football supporters coming from all over Europe, masked and waving their flags. They are crazy!


Fatima Sanctuary


We are leaving to Berlin, in Germany, but this time aboard of the classical and uncomfortable C130 by Italian Airforce.


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