12 august Zagreb (CROATIA)

These Italian spaghetti unite all these people so different from each other…

We need just a pot of gaunt spaghetti to gather a crowd of people from: Spain, England and Australia, with their bottles of orange juice and vodka that few later warmed the atmosphere up and got us ready to play "drink cards"… a game suggested by the Australian Kate

When we feel better we meet, in the city center, our Croatian friends: Ivan and Silva and go to dance (on the lake) but only after admiring a very elegant Zagreb by night!


13 august Zagreb (CROATIA)

Silva tells us the legend of Dora:

Almost 400 years ago, once upon the time a prince who falls in love with a courtesan: Dora.

A poor and humble girl of the folk. But, on one side the King (father of the guy) doesn't allow this wedding because the throne heir must marry an aristocratic girl, on the other side, the personal secretary of the king (very ugly and nefarious), falls in love with the beautiful Dora too and does all his best to contrast the two guys love!

That's why, when the prince left to fight in a war against Hungarians, the maleficent secretary makes Dora accuse to be a witch and, few later, she is burnt on a stake in the public square.

The prince soon comes back to the palace when he knows what was going to happen, but unfortunately, he arrives too late!

Not all the stories have a happy ending!

At Ivan's we watch, on the television, the Opening of the Olympic Games in Athens

It has been very touching when the Sport representative of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel paraded and when we have sung our National anthem!


14 august Budapest (HUNGARY)

In the train station of the Hungarian capital we meet two unskilled but nice guys from Palermo. We soon called them: Tom & Jerry remembering that last year, on this train, we met the famous: “Grattachecca & Fighetto”!
There is also a group of 20 guys and girls from Poland!

[Magda Bator from Tarnow - Poland]: “Nie ma szczescia bez lez i zycia bez smerci”.
“There is no happiness without tears nor life without death”. - Lucjan Staniak -.

What impresses me of an inter rail is, as in the movie: “Sliding doors”, that you will never know what would happen to you if you took this or that train…


15 august Krakow (POLAND)

Sky Hostel again! The beloved Wictor welcomes us! The atmosphere is the usual one!
But, Roscio and me, tired and frozen, "dive" in our sleeping bags making Wictor surprised and worried… but it's only the first night!

16 august Tarnow (POLAND)

Tarnow is a Polish city... but real Polish, no tourists, no Italians, no English language…

"Man: travel from yourself to yourself, because from this journey the ground turns into real gold".
- Rumi -


18 august Krakow (POLAND)

[Marco di Stefano from Palermo]: "We will not forget your teachings. We will conquer Jelenia Gora and, from there, any other town we are going to visit!"

[Giovanni Romano from Palermo]: "In the end the call of the train brought us here again. This is the spirit of the inter rail, isn't it?"

Tomorrow we are going to meet our nice friends: Kasia and Iwona!


19 august Rybnik (POLAND)

The transfer by train has been so tough

We have travelled with the doors opened from Katowice to Rybnik... very safe!

Rybnik is a sweet and quiet town in the forest, unknown by the same Polish too!

Kasia, Iwona and her sister Wioleta have been so dear. It's been lovely to walk around their little town and chat under the curious glances of the people as to mean: “Look, they know three foreigners!”, I got the confirmation of this during the evening when, talking to a friend of them, suddenly she said: “You know, I have a friend in Hungary!. Whatever!

We enjoyed very much hanging around with Wioleta and her car: 126 SPECIAL, we lost some piece on the street now and then!

In the evening we go to the disco with a bus which looked like the one described by Collodi in the novel: "Pinocchio" which used to bring all the children to the ”Toy Village"! So cool.

At 2.30 am, we come back home by taxi with Kasia and Iwona who, tenderly, couldn't help saying hi to all their friends (they had never taken a taxi to go back home!)

30 minutes later we are all ready to eat the spaghetti cooked by our chef Sergio! It was 3 in the morning!

[Luca]: "I think that we are impressed by their stunning life with nothing… those eyes full of wonder for our stories are just amazing"…


"I think that everyboy has to pursue his own dreams.
This is the only way to breathe, to live.
I think that a man becomes old when his regrets take the place of his dreams".

- Anonymous -


20 august Rybnik (POLAND)

We are trying to "correct" our ticket to let our journey last more than we can!

[Luca]: "I was thinking: “Only us could build up a such amazing journey!”


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