21 august Krakow (POLAND)

I feel so bad…Headache and throat ache… I have the flu.
It's Saturday night and I'm locked in my sleeping bag…

Yesterday I felt very sick and, in some delirium moment, alone in my room, I have lived again some "flash" of the past, I have seen myself when I was a child, in my house, on my bed with the flu and my sweet mum who looked after me... instead, I was alone here, in a foreign Country, thousands kilometres far from my house, with no medicines or thermometer… luckily I have my friends who have been so nice. Thank you guys, thank you so much, this is what we call: "friendship" too!

23 august Krakow (POLAND)


This morning Wictor almost made me cry!
Not only he has let us stay beyond the check out time but he has even given us this last night for free because I was ill.

Dziękuję Wictor!
One more time our brothers from Eastern Europe teach us something!

In a couple of hours we are leaving…

While I'm writing on my journal, there is a couple of Spanish who is talking to Wictor, damn, that girl has been very ill… in the hospital, here in Krakow, they have diagnosed her a brain tumour, but luckily they are not sure 100%!

Tomorrow they will go back to Spain and, there, they will see…well, actually Someone who is very high in the sky should "see" for them… Buena sorte! And I was complaining for a stupid flu…

[Luca]: "This morning I have lived a wonderful moment… In the center of the city, with the sun that enfolded us, I have enjoyed, with Sergio, a local wurstel and a Polish beer! And I thought: “This is my life… just mine…only mine and f**k you all…!”


[Sergio]: "Surprise, we will have to travel in couchettes to get to Bratislava!

It's so hot here, we are with Otto, a gay guy from Germany, very "sensitive” guy!


24 august Bratislava (SLOVAKIA)

Four years later, I find myself sitting on the same steps, in this train station, where I met my great friend: Pedro!

Orange Hostel, the hostel that we have chosen here, really sucks…dirty and not tidy… it seems an old and abandoned Russian military barrack…

No wonder if many inter railers, after checking their room, come back to the reception, leave the key and go to search a better place…

But for one night, and above all, after what we have lived in Skopije, we will survive!


Sergio helps us with a delicious dish of spaghetti and tomato!


Bratislava is pretty, quiet, tidy and elegant! But a violent rain stops us while we are visiting the city center making our last night as inter railers sad and sad!


25 august Bratislava (SLOVAKIA)

[Sergio]: "What I love in an inter rail are all those moments of everyday life: when we wake up in the morning, tired after a wild night, the breakfast, the walking in the city centers without a goal, commenting all the monuments that we meet along our way with no knowledge, just to have some laugh… A nice pasta dish in the hostel and, if the "common" fridge let us, a good second dish too! ;-)

We are coming back home with many new memories and another wonderful trip to tell and a new future to plan… If we didn't leave we would have lost all this"…


26 august Venice (ITALY)

Travelling with two skilled travellers has made everything easier, each of us has been completely autonomous, except in the kitchen, Fighetto's kingdom, even if, sometimes I have helped him with my salads!

As it always happens, we have known a lot of new people, interesting and special… people who have always something to say and to teach…then, it's very important to compare our experiences and adventures stories!


[Luca]: "We have entered in touch with many local people in a very clear, pure and sincere way that it seemed to camouflage among them… We have learnt a lot of things from them, things that you will never study at school… We have learnt the real value of the money, their worth and their earthly futily.

You can appreciate every single thing, without TV or mobile phone, car or ATM… Guys around a table, in the same room, in a hostel, on the street…that try to understand the reason of many things without the pretence to solve it… thanking our life, not spoiling it.

All that has happened is rather explained and told, all the feelings, instead, remain tattooed in these days just gone with just the honour left at these actors to say: “That was my life and I was there”.



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