"A good traveller has not fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."

- Lao Tzu -


10 april St. Julians (MALTA)

After some disadventures, we land on this island not far from Italy aboard of an Air Malta flight.

We arrive here after leaving Rome and her bloody rain and we find a such mild climate!

At Busibba we have a drink and we soon notice that they drive as in England! Malta is a former English colony and it still keeps many things which make me feel to be in Great Britain.

Moreover Malta is very important for the students who want to improve their English in fact there are many schools for foreigners, above all students from Germany or Scandinavia.

English is not the first language here, in fact they speak Maltese a weird language mixture of Latin and Arab.

In the evening we jump in the St. Julians crazy night life! These Maltese are really smart, they have opened many discos in the same road all with "free entrance", so it happens that you dance some techno music here, then you go to the Havana Club for hip hop or R&B and so on.

I would never expect a such amazing night life!

11 april St. Julians (MALTA)

Today is Easter! And we celebrate it visiting: Mdina, the so-called: "silent city", very characteristic and built by the famous "Malta Knights".

Then we move to the capital La Valletta, but today, I think, we are the only ones hanging around...

We spend a nice evening in disco and drinking a beer in one of the hundreds English pubs.

12 april La Valletta (MALTA)

[Nick]: "We are going to La Valletta with the bus "62" but... what's going on? We have been stock in the traffic for more than half an hour"...

I get down to check... can you believe that we are wasting all this time along the seaside road admiring the so-called "luzzu" (typical local boats) only for a stupid broken car shaft. I suggest to a tall German man: "What about if we collect some money to buy that shaft so we leave again!" And he looks at me and quietly sighs: "That's Malta!"

[Nick]: "Today La Valletta looks much more lively than yesterday, all the shops are opened and there are thousands tourists everywhere".

We have a long walk loosing ourselves in the hundreds narrow lanes where you can breath a particular atmosphere, I thought about how many different people all those old walls had seen in the course of the time, from the Arab to the African, from the English to the Sycilian...

At the port I stop and chat with a fisherman...

13 april St Julians (MALTA)

Wake up at 7.10, it's the first time that we have breakfast here in Malta, we usually get up for lunch! We get ready to leave again.

As usual the free days soon fly away and you can't unpack your suitcase that you have to pack it again. We really deserved these carefree days during this very hard Academic Second year... At least this memory will give us a smile in the difficult days that we still have to face over there...

Thanks Malta


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