"You need time to travel, and this is the cool thing. Time to spend in a different way and far from the usual place: this is the cool thing of every move. Moreover you have the chance to see things from the distance. A good journey is a type of active meditation. You consider yourself and all the things with a different view and without any effort for whole days."

- Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber - (The art of the time)


At the end of the second academic year in the Airforce, some cadets are sent to Great Britain (England, Ireland or Scotland), each of them hosted by a local family for a few weeks in order to do a full English language immersion course. I was sent to a delicious Scottish-Singaporean family who was living in the center of the Scottish capital: Edinburgh! I have spent three wonderful weeks with them. I have visited many amazing and interesting places and I have enjoyed Edinburgh's great night life... without neglecting to study... of course...
Princess street. The most important road
Old Edinburgh
Edinburgh: ancient, elegant and very romantic
Stock Bridge
The monument dedicated to the writer Walter Scott
Famous Kilt
Beware when you cross the street... "Look left"
Leaving college
The McCullochs. My Scottish family


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