02 january Douz (TUNISIA)

This morning we have visited El Jem and the third most important Colosseum in the world after the one in Rome and in the old Capua.

We keep on till Matmata where we visit Troglodytes villages, a tribe who used to live in hole digged in the rocks to defend themselves from the desert pirates and who refused the progress and all that came from it. I felt as Licia Colò when I tasted their bread soaked in the olive-oil...

At lunch, we eat some Couss Couss and we soon leave again to Douz to admire the sunset in the Sahara...

My dromedary was walking, was going very slowly clambering up across all the desert dunes... the sun was going down beyond the horizon moving over to the darkness Queen... the infinity of the grains of sand drove me crazy... and he... always quiet, was keeping on his way.


03 january Tozeur (TUNISIA)

We leave early in the morning to admire the dawn on the salted lake of Chott El Jerid where we could see the so called "Fata Morgana" (the mirages). We were just 500 metres far from the border with Algeria. After that we stopped to visit a museum dedicated to the marriages...

[Nick]: "Tunisian marriage can be of two types: at the City Council or in front of a Notary. The difference is that: in this last case, if the wife is not virgin, the marriage can be annulled.

But, how could they verify this thing covered by taboo? Men and women used to paint their bodies with "hennè" ink, in particular, the man coloured a part of the little finger till a certain point, after that tried to drive it in his wife vagina and if it entered for a length equal or minor of the boundary painted with the hennè: the woman was virgin!"

In the afternoon we rent some jeeps and did a real rally across the so-called "desert oasis". It was amazing! Lunch in Tozeur and we finish our tour visiting the very religious Kerouan, the so-called "Mecca" in Tunisia....

Along the way we often noticed the so-called "Marabouts", a kind of Moslem hermit very worshipped here.

When they die they are buried in very lonely places and this because they lived a lonely life. Their tombs are white and very luxury and visited by all the ones who received some favours by the death man.

04 january Hammamet (TUNISIA)

Today we rent a scooter and spent all the afternoon long around "Yasmine", this residential quarter and suburb of Hammamet.

Without helmet, no brakes or horn... funny!

05 january Hammamet (TUNISIA)

[Nick]: "Room number 611. 1.53 in the morning.

I'm watching Gigi Marzullo on the television, who is interviewing Gina Lollobrigida and his last question is: "In your opinion, is it finished when it's finished?"

"Hey Marzù! What the xxx does it mean??"


Tomorrow we are going back to Italy and I'm already looking forward to leaving for another journey!



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