This time we go to the Sagrada Familia city


there's who enjoys a delicious "paella"... and who: other things...


and after that we really need a fresh "sangria"


Picasso Museum

"Barcelona in a sweet poetry gently caresses us because she knows everything.
You peacefully sleep, I contemplate you from your hair to greed.
So extensive that what I should have I can't have it by fallback clouds.
And you the same: destroy our time without understanding that it will mourn on us.
I will loose you one day? Perhaps I have already lost you?
You have given our poetry as gift keeping, among other things, also my part?
I will not return to Barcelona… I wanted to be your only singer. "

- Antonio Sammaritano -

Cristoforo Colombo that shows the America
"We travel, at first, to lose each others. And we travel, then, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes, and to learn more things about the world than our newspapers can accept. And we travel to bring what we can , in our ignorance and wisdom, in different parts of the globe, whose wealth is variously dispersed. And we travel, actually, to go back and to be young and foolish - to slow time and be caught, and once again fall in love... that's why the great voyages, as the great love stories, are never endings. "
- Pico Iyer - (Reflections about the journey)
Adios Barça


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