Ready for departure




Brandenburg Door
"In 4 days I will be in Moscow. This separation is just a road in the rain.
News will come, I will dive, running towards new choices.
In 4 days I will be in Moscow. In Moscow is spring, you have told me on the phone.
Also this separation ends, thank goodness. Back.
In me there is only the night of this separation. In me your loneliness.
Solitude: bread of memories that does not satisfied.
In Berlin, in my hotel room, the sun shines. In Berlin there is the drenched whispering of the birds - this morning it was rainning - and then the tram, and the time.
The time doesn't move. It's hard, icy. You could hang it on a nail, the time.
And cut it with a knife. I am in a prison, with the most ruthless of the torturers: the time.
In Berlin in my room is full of sun. And in four days I will be at the airport.
In the blue."

- Nazim Hikmet -

Berlin Wall
"The time will heal everything. But what happens if time itself is a disease?"
- Marion -
"You can walk millions of miles in a single life, without ever scratch the surface of the places and without learning anything from the people just touched. Move is easy, often your work requires it, or you take off on holiday to the other side of the hemisphere just to send postcards, take slides, buy souvenirs for friends and relatives and come back the same way to how you have started. "


in the hotel room before the last tour the effects of the Second World War


...which is the right way?
Agos absent-minded by other things...  


we are boarding... but pay attention, do not let anything fall down...


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