26 november Ilha do Sal (CAPE VERDE)

Wake up at 04.00 and ready for departure. On this occasion we are going to an African island, former Portuguese colony: Cabo Verde!


"Who changes only places and not life or traditions will never learn anything."
- Francisco Quevedo (1580-1645) -


27 november Ilha do Sal (CAPE VERDE)

 We have been flying for five hours by now. We have two more to do...

We flew over some African towns, very exciting... white low-rises, very low and the desert from above...

After a walk on the beach (which, due to the high salt levels and illuminated by the sun's rays, was pink - wonderful!), we strip: trousers, jacket and shoes away... just covered with sea water, we have spent the whole day discovering this new place.

In the morning, with my aunt and Claudia, by taxi, we go to visit the nearest town to our resort: Santa Maria.

But our taxi, on the way, suddenly stops near a huge open space, and I said: “No, pardon me, take us down town please!” “This is the city centre”. A huge square, actually square is not the proper word, a big open space, empty, leafless, with a couple of skeleton dogs that were playing, one of them was really funny when tried to save itself from the heat by digging a hole in the ground and falling inside of it! When we got out the car we were assaulted by many hawkers, all from Senegal or Guinea-Bissau!

We meet Ismail, a nice Senegalese guy who soon becomes our guide; he brings us everywhere, explains many things to us about Cape Verde, about the Italians who are investing a lot of money here building new resorts! He also showes us where and how he lives... A small room, dirty and stinky that he shares with five more guys from his Country: what a difference between our resort and his "place", so near but so far... In his house there is no water; they wash themselves in the public showers or in the sea; women go to sea or to the public fountains when they want to cook and they fill their buckets...

At 11.30 we see, on the pier, the return of the boats after fishing! It has been a great show! Just as in the documentaries! They arrived with these big boats full of fishes and straight away just on the pier, cleaned and sold them.
In the afternoon we did some diving, at last, for the first time in the Atlantic Ocean. Cool!

[Claudia]: “Happiness is this too ”



28 november Ilha do Sal (CAPE VERDE)

Wake up early in the morning, we are not used to the jet lag yet, we open our eyes with the herons walking under our balcony.

With a ramshackle taxi, driven by Nelson, we visit Palmeira, a very small but gorgeous port, with some Senegalese that was selling fake sport shoes and some Capeverdian that was relaxing at the sun. Talking to some Italian who lives here, they tells me that only people from: Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone do the most humble work, this because Capoverdian people don't feel like working very much.

Who knows why, maybe it's just in the islander's philosophy the idea of not working very hard, I noticed that also in the airport when the porters were unloaded our bags, they were doing it with a so calmy, as if to say: “We are in no hurry at all!”

We went to Espargos to visit a salt mine, it felt like in Israel, there were high salt mountains and a basin very similar to the Dead Sea, where also when you dived: you remained afloat... completely covered by the salt...

On the way back we stop in a desolated town where there were many children playing on the "street" . I stopped the taxi and with my aunt we delivered many "gifts" to all the children: T-shirts, caps, bags, pouches, pens etc. They almost assaulted me, looking like bees on the honey.. and the honey... it was me...

Before coming back to our resort we booked a flight to another Capeverdian island: Boavista Island.

29 november Ilha do Sal (CAPE VERDE)

Today the Ocean is really angry! That's why I go with Jeff to have a stroll in Santa Maria.

We meet a group of guys playing football in a big "football ground": huge, with no borders and no goals, they were playing with no shoes, with great European Football Clubs T-shirts, and I decided to play with them... I enjoyed it a lot!

I just wonder: why did no one pass me the ball!?!


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