30 november Rabil (CAPE VERDE)

Beware when you define the Capoverdian: “Africans”, they get mad; they consider themselves creoles not Africans!

This morning we fly to Boavista Island with a Cabo Verde Airlines flight. Unaware, we were going to experience the most exciting adventure of the whole journey.

After 20 minutes flight, once landed, we rent a jeep-pick-up with driver: Francisco, a nice guy from Guinea-Bissau who stay with us the whole day!

Soon we are on the dunes of a small desert nearby, as our friend explained to us, it was created by the sand brought by the wind!

We leave from there to go to the very romantic beach of Santa Monica... there was no one there, just a huge white beach 18 km long...
We relaxed a bit there, just the Nature and us, a "Nature" that completely enfolds us...

Following step: a very small town with a few houses where we keep on delivering: pens, pencils, bags etc. to all the children we meet around...

From there we visite two more towns, after a long trip on a very difficult road (all the roads are not asphalted but built, stone by stone, by hand, by these poor Africans); we get to Joao Galego and we are impressed by the different and gaudy colours of the houses.

[Aunt Anna]: “They live quite well here!”

This is not Africa, the idea of Africa is misery, poverty, dirtiness. Here they live well, with few things but with decency, everybody smiles, everybody, even with nothing: is happy!

In Fundo Das Figueiras we meet a Portuguese nun that was walking with three very sweet little girls! So pretty, they were so tender when, with a delicious voice, whispered: “Obrigado” (thanks) to my aunt who had just given them a lollipop!

...ready to go to the airport...

Lost our flight, we get ready to live as better as we can this new adventure that will let us admire glances of their real and daily life.

We see what Capoverdian people do in a typical summer evening during the week; it's like seeing southern Italy 50 years ago... with the difference that, now, all the characters are black.

You could see children, barefooted playing at running after each other in the gaunt square, some old women (who looked like “Mami” in the movie “Blow with the wind”), who were chatting in a quiet way, sitting with their big asses, on old benches. What are they discussing about? Nothing happens there!

Some old men who, sitting on the doorstep, with their glance, lost in old memories which pictured them now flirting with a pretty islander girl, now fishing a big fish or a shark, here there are many...

These thoughts of mine are suddenly stopped by some Gospel chorus, coming from the only church of the town.

The classical white and light blue church where there is utter simplicity, so far from the pomp of our Italian churches!

As soon as we enter our "guesthouse", a big insect welcomes us, just over my bed… No way… “Jeff, we are not going to sleep as long that "thing" is here!” And soon the hunt for the bug starts! Once the problem solved, we fell asleep in our uncomfortable bed… 

We were quite worried because we had our flight at 7.20 am and someone of the airport should have come to pick us up at 6.20 am... but without alarm clock and watch... how could we wake up?

In fact we hadn't slept at all, every single noise woke us up and everytime we went outside, in the street, to check if there was anyone waiting for us…

But always: “No, Jeff, it's still pitch dark!”

In the end we manage to go back to our resort: safe…


01 december Ilha do Sal (CAPE VERDE)

Life is so weird, few hours ago we were dirty, stinky, starving and without money while now, after a rich lunch in our five stars resort and a deluxe shower we feel "different"…

Our adventures continue, this time on a “quad”!

We drove into the desert, sea sand, rocks as in Arizona and difficult roads...

Just before the ending of the trek we stop in an amazing place… a natural bay with white sand and a blue sea! We enjoy it so much that in the afternoon we decide to come back there with the rest of the crew!

And two nostalgic baths later: here I am again, almost during the sunset, on this marvellous beach few hours before our departure.

02 december Ilha do Sal (CAPE VERDE)

White beaches, perpetual sun, sea that seemed painted, the innocent and sincere smile of those happy children will remain closed in a small box of our heart, jealously kept in the most important archive: the one of the life experiences.

Obrigado Cabo Verde


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