20. 07. 2005 Auschwitz (POLAND)

"Visitor, look at this camp and mediate: wherever you come from, you are not a foreigner. Let your trip not useless, our death not useless. For you and for your son, Oswiecim's ashes must be an admonition: let the disgusting fruit of the hate, whose tracks are here, will not create a new seed, not tomorrow and never".

Primo Levi


Once upon a time, a military empire called: "Nazism" that decided to do a racial cleaning (jews at first), to make, the so called "Arian race" (their race), emerges: a such huge cruelty cannot be, now or never, forgotten!
Jews were loaded on big trains where they stayed in the worst conditions
At destination they were "selected" considering the age, sex, physical conditions...
After the "selection" there was still a hard work to do left: the "cleaning" of what remained...
Jews weren't the only one persecuted, gipsies gave many lives as well...


Once entered to the "camp" they were "registered" with tattoos and undressed of everything they owned: sequestrated their cases...
...their shoes
...glasses etc.


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