18 december Marsa Alam (EGYPT)

We wake up late in the morning and we go directly into the sea, that is 10 meters from our room!

The bay is constituted by a layer of 50 cm of coral barrier that extends for 150 meters and after that there is a deep hole, you walk a step forward and fall down...

19 december Marsa Alam (EGYPT)

At the entrance of our hotel there is an armed guard instead of the porter, with the metal detector!

There are no taxi in Marsa Alam City, we have had to book a taxi one day earlier, who knows where it will come from.

In the morning we do snorkelling! What a feeling! The coral barrier is wonderful! There are huge and multicolour fishes that you can almost touch, also the submarine flora is very interesting!

My first impression is a great amazement; I really thought that there was a parallel world, the submarine one!

"Down in the sea! Down in the sea!" someone was singing! It's true! Dysney cartoon as "Little mermaid" or "Nemo" are right when they show another world! The fishes' one. There were tunnels, huge canyons and all of us, dipped in the water, seemed many Jacques Costeau searching who knows what...

20 december Marsa Alam (EGYPT)

At last this afternoon we have managed to rent a taxi! But only after many controls and perquisitions at the car and the driver! Is it safe going out alone? But our driver: Saab, very silent, looks a nice guy!

First stop: Marsa Alam City. A very small, dirty, stinky and desolated town, where sheep and goats govern!

It's very interesting to see how the Egyptians really live; school guys and the little girls with the veil outside their school...

As in every Arabic place, women are not considered at all, that's why our driver and our guide: Assan, talks only to us (men)!

Assan says that: woman goes out only three times in all her life: when she is born, when she goes to her husband house and when she dies. He also added that, in his opinion, this was exceeding, he would have let them go out even six or seven times...

Also virginity is a very important matter. After the first wedding night, they usually put outside the house door the sheets with the blood, witnesses of the virginity of the woman!

After the "visit" of Marsa Alam we try to solve another question: the money change!

In Egypt an easy thing becomes the most difficult one!

The only place where we can change some money, in the South Egypt, is inside the airport!

But how can we enter there considering that it is a military one?

So our adventure starts with thousands clearances, documents controls, checks under the metal detectors... but in the end we manage!

21 december Luxor (EGYPT)

Wake up at 3.15 am... we go to Luxor!

After some hours we stop in Safaga that is the meeting point for all the buses from Marsa Alam and Hurgada to Luxor. There are almost 60 buses escorted by the police. Well, actually by real soldiers very well armed.

Tourism represents the 40% of the National incoming and Egyptians really care to look after his visitors.

The convoy leaves. A long and boring trip; sometimes we cross a small and desolated town, watching the classical Egyptian that enjoys undisturbed his narghilè on the street. Otherwise always desert. Very boring!

We visit Karnak Temple, it is very interesting and we have a lunch in a five star hotel (Le Meridien) on the Nile!

We cross the Nile with a small boat till the pier to the "Kings Valley". Many tumbs of Egyptian pharaons have been found here...

The most exciting thing has been the visit of the Luxor Temple by night, those lights, those shadows, all those majestic statues and above all the moanful prayers, that came from the minarets, made it unforgettable.

What really impressed me was the thought that those hieroglyphics, that I stared so carefully, were 3500 years old... 3500 years! Can you believe it?


22 december Marsa Alam (EGYPT)

Here we are again in the abysses!

The coral barrier is amazing, enchanter, charmer... you enter the world of ball fishes, clown fishes, trompet ones etc. It's wonderful to enter this "parallel" world...

Sometimes some big curious fish approaches you slowly and look at you and you can almost touch it...

In the evening we attend at a real Egyptian show with: belly dancers and typical Egyptian artists... we were dressed as Egyptian as well! What a great time!


"Traveling with eyes shelled on the wonders of others is useless when the soul remains closed in the safe box of your house"

- P. Cacucci -


23 december Marsa Alam (EGYPT)

Today we do a safari with some jeeps in the desert and then a sweet walk on a dromedary with a surprising ending, a dinner with the Berbers in their village... but I come back to the hotel with a very high flu... I didn't enjoy that safari across the desert dunes as I could, those huge silent spaces, the music and the dances in that tent in the middle of nowhere... I felt so bad... but we are already leaving for a new adventure...but this is another story...

مصر بلد شكرا


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