"A journey doesn't start when we leave or it ends when we reach the destination. Actually it begins much earlier and never ends, because the tape of memories keeps on running inside us even after we stopped. 'The viruses travel, essentially incurable disease. "

- Ryszard Kapuscinsky - (Travelling with Herodotus)



"Our nature is to move. Quiet is our death."

- Pascal -

... a long trip by train
The Kangaroo Bell Boys with Marija


a far past

"Fire rose this sunset with gold and blue lights on the sleepy Danube that breathes with me in the evening
and it knows the sadness of seagulls and the wild stone bridges and tall buildings to make his mantle and crown.
High silent sentinels to hear words like flights and a mix of voices between fraternal and foreign faces
to the song of romance and renovated nostalgia.
Belgrade laughes with the glasses full of wine and songs
Fair and wounded Belgrade laughes under a moon of cream and mystery that fires Slavian dance, sensual, tender, wild with
big eyes full of peace in heavy chains never forgotten.
A taste of other banks, regret of other days expands the anxiety of a return.
And Belgrade in a fire rose salutes our farewell or just a goodbye…

Doviđenja, Beograd

Doviđenia friends, as kites of light day that already fly away and the wire remains anchored to the fingers..."

- Angela De Leo -

strolling in the city centre ...
"The house will be where people do not have enough to eat. The house will be everywhere men are oppressed. The house will be everywhere evil is stronger and can be fought. The house will be where you go from now on."
- Ernest Hemingway - (The weird village)
"Travel comes from travail:" physical or mental work "," effort ", especially painful or oppressive", "penalty", "labour". A "way".

- Bruce Chatwin - (Songs roads)
be careful !
Belgrade by night
"We have the places that we visited, we bring them with us in the memory and become a part of our being."

- Martin Conway -

we are already coming back home... by train...
...too bad it's 300 minutes late, so far!


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