"A trip that, as the others, she faced alone, according to the principle that: only by moving alone, a foreigner can enter into genuine contact with a new country and its people." If you go with all the others everything ends into words."

- Freya Stark - (A life in the desert)

24 november El Cairo (EGYPT)

Wake up at 5 am, we are going to the capital!

The most populous city in Africa with her 18 millions inhabitants! A built-up area full of high buildings, with a his own style. Grey huge palaces, as many beehives on beehives, ugly, filthy, dirty which let your imagination fly away, who knows how they were living there, what they were doing, I tried to imagine how their daily life would have been, what they would do when they woke up in the morning, what they were thinking about... it really impressed me...

Meanwhile our tourist bus was proceeding and "penetrating" those streets where you barely could see the sky...

There were thousands windows, who knows if there was anyone behind them who really peeped us...

In the haze of the Egyptian capital, in distance you could see indistinctly the outline of the legendary Pyramids! The last of the seven wonders of the world still existing. I expected them a little bit bigger, more majestic...

At last Keope, Kefren and Mycerin graves were in front of me, and I kept on thinking about their history, to all the mysteries around. They have been there for hundreds and hundreds years, quiet, who knows how many millions people have admired them, from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans, to the Byzantins, to the Arabs, to the English, till the contemporaries and who knows how many millions yet... We will die, our children, grandchildren will die, but they will always be there to testify that once a very important people has been there, "never forget it"

Here the Sphinx, as an old warrior lioness, that has a rest, curled up after many battles...

Left the Pyramids we go to have lunch on a tourist boat, a very elegant one and we have lunch sailing the Nile!

We visit the famous Egyptian Museum. The biggest in the world!

Pharaoh's fist showed a desire of war or power; an open hand instead symbolized the peace. Each symbol represented something and had a his own meaning!

What impressed me more has been Tutankhamon treasure, not for the treasure itself but because it has been found nearly intact after hundreds and hundreds years. Amazing to see the photographs of this very important discover by the British Carter.

Mummies and sarcophagus have impressed me very much.


"As a quilt of stars, the clear night sky.
Sparkling clothes of thousand colors dress the pyramids of Giza.
Ringing sounds in the wind.
The enigmatic Sphinx whispers to my heart incomprehensible words.
Egypt: fascination and mystery. "
- Anonymous -


26 november Marsa Matrhou (EGYPT)

Armed of back pack and photocamera, but above all of adventure spirit, we decide to leave our hotel and we reach the so-called "highway" after 3 kilometres on foot across poor villages and flock of sheep with young shepherds!

I planned to visit many interesting things after talking with people who had already been there and read many reports on line.

As soon as we get along this very long road we notice that all the people, who run with pick up, stare at us. It's weird to see five Westerns in a place like that, only Egyptians usually are there, sitting on big stones, waiting for their buses (there are no bus stops)...

Few minutes later a car with four Egyptians stops and asks us what we were doing there;10 minutes later we have already found a car with a driver just for us. Too bad that no one spoke English.

10 more minutes and our car suddenly stops, another car arrives and stops next to us and the two drivers starts to argue, in the middle of the road... They talk to us in Arabic, of course, while I try to have a chat with signs... difficult!

Great idea, they phone to a friend of them who spoke a good English and, through the mobilephone, he becomes our translator! We find out that the problem was a police check point a bit forward and we couldn't pass from there in 6 in one car, we needed to take two cars... so we do and our tour starts!

One hour and half later we get to the wonderful beach of Agiba. I am speechless! A very small beach with pure white sand surrounded by a rock mountain and by a such a beautiful sea, light blue and transparent that seemed fake!

Just when we were going to leave, our drivers kneeled and started praying... turned towards La Mecca...

We keep on visiting Cleopatra's beach, a delicious small beach of thin sand and adorned by many rocks of different shapes which made that place more and more picturesque.

In the end we visit Marsa Matrhou. We stop in a fruit market. There were such sweet donkeys full of carrots, oranges or savoy cabbages which were braying. A foreshortening of Italy in the '40s maybe. Also "ghost" women glanced us very curiously... who knows what they were thinking of those three Western women who were walking in shorts, coloured singlet and flip flop...

We have lunch eating the classical Arabic bread just taken out of the oven... there were two queues to buy it: one for men and the other for women, can you believe it? Even to buy the bread...

27 november El Alamein (EGYPT)

Today, we have planned to go till the first nomadic shepherds village...

All these small gipsies who approached us curiously, they stared at us and introduced us the leader of the village and his wives, talking with signs.

Some old women had the forehead and the nose tattooed, who knows what was the meaning of that...

They were Libyan nomads and gave us a lift, on the way back on a cart dragged by a monkey.

This other adventure on the Egyptian land couldn't end better!

مصر بلد شكرا


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