"I know just a way to realize where you can get: begin a journey."

- Henri Bergson -

Where shall we go this time?
To Paris, s'il vous plait!


Dear Zinedine, Don't think about that! You will have headache...!


Paris, Paris...
Let's start the tour! What can we visit here, beyond that fountain?
"Louvre" Museum with the "Mona Lisa", almost impossible to picture it... almost!
Champs Elysee
" Arc de Triomphe"
The Opera Tour Eiffel
The famous Column of... Who knows!! Moulin Rouge
Modern Art Museum: "Pompidou" The Escargots


He doen's seem very sure about these hats ...


Strolling around in Paris
Paris di notte
"Three matches lit: one by one in the night
The first to see yur whole face
The second to see your eyes
The last to see your lips
And all the darkness to remember these things while I shake in my arms.
- Jacques Prèvert -
Merci Paris!!!


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