"Five centuries later, this island still keeps the same power to captivate who discovers her.

If you get to Santo Domingo you're captured by an impalpable atmosphere, by a light that confers to the richness of the colours: dazzling reflexes.

People is always ready to warm you up, above all if it's busy in the most traditional Dominican ritual: the "merengue", the music that represents one of the most felt expressions of its culture."

26 june Bayahibe (DOMINICAN REP.)

Eleven hours fligth later, getting down the plane, we have to face the humidity, so strong that you could barely breath.

We directly go to sleep in order to avoid, as it happened in Cuba, to get up at 5 am for the jet lag...

27 june Bayahibe (DOMINICAN REP.)

Two months later, here I am again under some coco palms...

Time to have a bath in the famous "Caribbean Sea", the pirate's, the corsair's sea...

Well, maybe because some days ago "Alberto" (a hurricane that has hit Cuba) has skittered this island too or for the bad forecast that has strongly waved the backdrops, but the water was full of seaweeds and it has disappointed us very much!

We meet an Italian man: Bob Roy, 43 years old, from Treviso, all tattooed, that, fed up of the "system", as he defines it, suddenly he decided to move here with his wife.

He opened a small saloon where he does tattoos and started a quiet and placid Caribbean life, where everything flows quietly, where the word "hurry" does not exist. He told us thousands things about this land; here, strolling with weapons is normal. "Where are we? In the Far West?"

My brother Carlo would have fallen in love with him, he would have validated his thought more and more about leaving everything and moving to Brazil.

But, watch out! The wise Bob addes, you don't have to launch yourself completely in these projects because in these "not very democratic" places, you will never know how these things will end. Maybe today everything is all right, tomorrow, instead, the local Fidel Castro takes everything with a "coup d'etat" and you are forced to escape away and if you are 50 years old: you can't risk at all! (as it happened to his brother in Polynesia, a crazy family!)

That's why he keeps a house in Italy that, meanwhile, he lets. So, if the situation falls down he closes everything here and comes back home, in Italy!

The funniest thing while I was chatting to Bob, was that often, some tanned Italians walked over there and greeted him... he then told us their stories...

In the afternoon, during a football match we meet a Dominican guy: Juanito, that works on his own now and organizes "tours" and that could be our key for this journey!!

In the evening: Juanito brings us to his bar, few miles from our resort, in Bayahibe City.

There are few houses, the classical Caribbean small houses where all the people are outside to have a rest, the photographer, a small hotel and the tiny bar of Juanito, a saloon with four billiards in very bad conditions, an old bar with pretty girls who serve "cerveza" and Dominican music! "Aventura" in primis (they are from here...!)

We meet many people and, as in the most classical small town, there are all the characters: the buffoon, the dimwit of the town, the pretty girl who flirt with all of them...

Juanito tells me that has three girls who work for him... "they conquer the chicken" in his bar and then they "cook" it in the hotel in front of it!


28 june Bayahibe (DOMINICAN REP.)

Whole morning dedicated to the discovery of the island. We walk for one hour and half as two Robinson Crusoe enchanting and wondering of all the meeting we do.

We remain alone with the sea, the sun, the sand, the waves, the palms straight till the sky or lied down on the beach and all the little animals who look at us in a curious way.

Small lizards, geckos, many crabs...

I was impressed by the nature and I thought about how the island could have been 500 years ago when Spanish Conquistadores docked here, who knows what they found, how was the population like and all these animals, if they were the same we have watched this morning!

We stop in a fishermen village.

There are two men sitting in the shade in a veranda.

I approach, say hi and, in a cordial way, we start chatting. They are so kind, one of them: Feliz, has a rifle and tells me that he is coast guard; the other: Jesus, a kind of keeper.

They show me where they live and I get impressed when I realize that they own nothing!

They have been very sweet and hit my heart when saying good-bye they said: "Vai con Dios, mi hermano!" ("Go with God, my brother") and when we thank them for their hospitality, they said again: "Thanks to you to visit us and come back tomorrow again!"

In the evening, by taxi, we go to Juanito's bar again and spent all the time playing pool dipped in the "pueblo dominicano".

I often looked around and I felt one of them, an inhabitant of Bayahibe...

" The further you go, the more you learn."

- Cristoforo Colombo -

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