29 june Bayahibe (DOMINICAN REP.)

We go to Bayahibe City to the restaurant where Edward works.

We eat fish, of course, and order some fresh lobster... Alive lobsters, there were also some frozen ones, but we, Juanito and Edward's friends, were VIP clients!


"In the spirit of men there is an innate desire to see new places, to keep on changing house."

- Francesco Petrarca -

30 june Saona Island (DOMINICAN REP.)

As soon as it stops raining, we leave to discover Saona Island.

We stop in small bay with a white beach and many palms.

We throw the anchor of our boat and get down. Half way between Christopher Columbus and the Pope John Paul II, I kneel and kiss the sand!

Then, as many shipwrecks we start "camping"; someone lights the fire, someone else searches the wood, or prepares something to eat, who cleans the fish, who dives searching other fishes for our grill and who adventures inside the island with his photocamera (me, of course!).

Maybe it was for the atmosphere, or for the place, or the whole background but that red fish tasted as the most delicious ever eaten!

Relaxing on a hammock between two palms but soon ready for new adventures!

Destination: the mangrove forest. Natural habitat for many dangerous fishes, as: barracuda and several sharks.

Vegetation is very thick, it reminds me of Vietnamese one when I sailed Mekong River to go to Thoi Son island.

Backdrops were dark green, with many species of seaweed and where many fishes deposited their eggs and many other hid to eat them! The "chain of the life!"

The place is spooky and scared us a little bit and this fear made that sailing even more exciting!

We come back, few later, to relax on an atoll missing in the sea populated by wonderful sea stars! Giants, they seemed made of coral!

Rio Chavon, a river famous because chosen as location of many movies as: (Rambo III, Apocalypse Now, King Kong etc.) The subtropical vegetation created a very picturesque effect spoiled by the millionaire villas by Michael Jackson, Shakira etc.

Here too we are caught by a sudden storm.

We couldn't shelter anywhere so we tried to come back to our bay. It was cold, there were high waves and we have hurted several times!

After many sufferings, at last, we dock to Bayahibe!

In the evening we go back to Juanito's bar. By now it's our home! We know many people, we offer drinks and play pool till late! I feel at my ease here...


"And men go to look the heights of the mountains and the big waves of the sea and the large current of the rivers and the ocean expanse and the turns of the stars; and abandon themselves."

- Saint Augustine - (Confessions)

01 july Santo Domingo (DOMINICAN REP.)

In two hours, by bus, we get to the capital of this island: Santo Domingo!

We pass across many small towns and we admire the real Dominican Republic, with the cars that speed with no rules (the traffic-light is only a decoration here!)

Cars have just the back platform because they are produced by the State that saves some money not producing the front side! Advertising signs impressed me very much, because they don't exist!

Everything is directly painted on the wall with many colours! Life, here, is lived on the street.

Santo Domingo. A great disappointment for sure! Used to the splendors and the historical beauty of La Habana, we couldn't avoid the comparison.

Santo Domingo is dirty, shabby, careless, forgotten. It looks an old spinster that by now doesn't take care of herself anymore but brings the signs of a past beauty, an old youth that has been really "lived"... but, by now, it belongs to the past. An old one...

We visit a natural park where we could admire some caves. The "lighthouse" dedicated to Christopher Columbus, where they keep his body, at least this is what they say.

The house of Columbus' son (Diego), it made me thought about how hey could live at that time. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room... they belonged to a person lived 500 years before...

Picturesque and very formal the solemn change of the guard; the basilica, the House of the President till the "Mercado Modelo", a kind of bazar Hammamet style, but Caribbean version.

02 july Bayahibe (DOMINICAN REP.)

While I was playing pool, sometimes I enjoyed watching their daily life, what a tender when I saw the "Agua-agua" (local buses) coming back from the several resorts and bringing home all the guys, men and women after a day work...

They were delicious when, still in work suite, wearing an elegant dress as tourists assistant, or as receptionist, or as clerk of a bureau de change, or as gardener, or as guardian, all with the names tag on their shirt stopped for a beer or a pool match and danced that reggae-ton that will remind me of this place forever!

At the end of the evening, Miguel takes us home and on our way back, suddenly he brakes and gets down the car, he re-appears with a giant black crab in his hand saying: "Es muy bonito para comer!". So crazy!

Gracias Repùblica Dominicana


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