Mexico and Belize
"Travelling to be touched in front of a panorama.
Travel to understand that you have nothing but your freedom.
Travelling to be citizens of the world,
that deep down is ours too...
That deep down belongs to us, beyond
the prevention of the flags, beyond the obstacle of the time, where a sunset ends and the day is reset...
Travelling to live outside the boundaries of the monotony...
Travelling for a dream or just for an illusion... "

- Anonymous -

10 may Playa del Carmen (MEXICO)

At last another morning where we can sleep till late! After a relaxing bath in this wonderful sea we deserve a meal at the: "Los Portales".

Just a relaxing day. Afternoon walking along the Quinta Avenida and dinner at: "El Fogon" with "tacos with cheso y pollo". We need to strength to keep on our journey!

11 may Tulum (MESSICO)


Wake up at 8. Suddenly Nick screams: "Guys wake up, it's 8!... well actually no, it's 7 am, you can sleep another hour!" After making us jump...Damn you!


We try the experience of the famous: "colectivo", a Mexican minivan that leaves only when it's full and takes people through the streets as long as it can.


We get to Tulum site! It's not big as Chichen Itza but for sure very charming because it's built right on a ravine that overlooks the Caribbean Sea! Honestly we didn't care very much about its history, after some photographs we went directly to its wonderful white beach; we really needed a bath with that torrid hot, then we went diving and sat admiring the wonderful landscape. This has no price!

"We don't travel to leave, but to have gone."
- Alphonse Karr -


12 may Cancun (MEXICO)

A sudden downpour hit Yucatan!

When we arrived at Cancun we had a walk along the "zona hotelera", the famous "Gringoland" populated only by Americans. Huge skyscrapers, hotels, McDonalds, Burger King, Blockbuster and all the most common American businesses. We looked around a bit surprised and wondering if we were still in Mexico! We took another bus to the center... but where is it? Cancun was a disappointment, actually we were already aware of it! Lunch at McDonald (just to feel more in the U.S.).


On the way back , from our "colectivo", we could see the effects of a recent strong wind (bent hoardings, uprootted trees) there was also a guy on the ground with his face in a puddle and his motorbike destroyed a little bit further on...!

Our driver told us that rains so strong are common over here! As soon as we arrived at our hotel, completely wet, we put away our t-shirts and plunged in the swimming pool in front of the unbelieving eyes of the other hotel guests!

13 may Cancun (MEXICO)

[Nick]: "Today lunch in a friends house... let's hope we will eat a typical Mexican meal"...

I love the idea of eating in the house of two Mexicans in Mexico. This is what I mean when I say that I want to "enter" a new country! [Nick]: "It might seem nothing but when you know people from other countries and you share a meal with them and have a chat this is very interesting!"

Back in Playa: normal rain with wind??! Reading a local newspaper of Quintana Roo I have discovered that there has been a real air bugle with huge damage and wounded!

14 may Playa del Carmen (MEXICO)

Last night and already how many new memories!

There were somany things that happened to us on this journey and we completed it. At last a journey as the ones we like!

[Nick]: "Que lastima, pero adios!"

Gracias MEXICO!


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