"I wanted to go not only farther than any other man has already gone, but as far as it was possible to go."

- James Cook -

08 january Farallon (PANAMA)

After Krakow, Cape Verde and Marsa Alam, also in Panama I get a fever!

This morning I felt very bad! But in the afternoon, stuffed with medicines, together with Monica, Carlo and Jeff we rent some bikes and stroll all Farallon around! We had a such good time!

Romantic dinner with all my friends and then everybody to the disco, with three crazy Colombians we dive into the Spanish karaoke!

Microphone in one hand and weird musical instruments in the other, we sang at the top of our voice Spanish songs never heard before!


"As we travel worldwide to find what is beautiful, we must take it with us or we will not find it."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -


09 january Panama City (PANAMA)


Here we are in the capital, at last : Panama City!

First step: the famous Channel! This engineering masterpiece, defined as the eighth wonder of the world, to be honest it didn't impress me very much!

Of course, it's very interesting to see how the ship crossing happens, it's a very difficult maneuver because the two Oceans have different levels, then, with the creation of several locks, with different passages, the water level raises or drops according to the ship rout!

The proceeding is more or less the following: 1) the ship gets to the first lock and through big holes, as the bathtub, it starts to fill; 2) the same proceeding, the level increases more; 3) the rise keeps on and at this point the water level is equal to the following one, now the ship is ready to go away. This operation lasts from 8 to 10 hours!

After visiting the Channel museum we go on to Panama Vieja! The old Panama!

It reminded me a bit of Avana for the kind of buildings and a bit of Santo Domingo for the carelessness and dirtiness! I hoped to find Cristoforo Colombo or Morgan Pirate footsteps...

Panama City welcomed us very silently. Unfortunately today they celebrate a National feast that's why all the shops were closed!

I was expecting to stroll along wide and very crowded avenues near majestic skyscrapers, I'm disappointed again...

We saw skyscrapers, Miami style, but only from the van! Then we have spent the rest of the afternoon in a very big Mall, American style, to do some shopping.



10 january Rio Hato (PANAMA)

Today we have gone, with the usual local van, to visit Rio Hato; Manuel's city, the gay barman of our resort.

He has been our guide for the whole "tour".

What weird situation! Three occidentals, tourists, who have a walk in an unknown little village with a guy clearly very gay! (do not misunderstand, I don't have anything against homosexuals, but that situation was really funny!)

Everybody were looking at us! The best was when Jeff, innocently, enters the pharmacy to buy some condoms, taken by Manuel...

Rio Hato is a very small city! There's a tiny square with a supermarket, an internet point, a laundry and a little shop of second hand cloths!

When I asked to the bus driver to leave us in the city centre he started laughing...

After sipping a fresh drink, in a typical fast food restaurant, with the Centre-American calm, we keep on our way. Destination: Antòn!

In this other place we are impressed by many advertising, in fact from 12 to 14 January there will be a very important city feast! Too bad that it starts when we are coming back to Italy!

We enter in a little fruit market where we notice that two pretty black girls smiling at us! So nice! They help their father to sell fruit!

They explain us that here, if you are under 18 years old, you can't enter to the disco and you are forbidden to do many things.

One of them, this year, would have become 18, at last she could have entered the "senior society" and when we ask to the younger sister what she woul have done when her sister had gone to dance, she answers us, modestly: "I will dance too... at home with my stereo!"

We keep on strolling around Antòn as long as we get to a big billiard hall, the Caribbean ones... we can't resist, we need a match!


11 january Farallon (PANAMA)

After a relaxing bath, we played beach volley; we three Italians against a Colombian, a Danish and a Canadian!

Nostalgia starts to approach ...


"When my feet rest, even my brain stops working."
- J. G. Hamann -

12 january Panama City (PANAMA)

Everything has a beginning and everything has an ending, then, when a thing has been good, even if foreseen, the end always arrives unexpected and painfully...

[Charlie]: "...I didn't write on the "traveller book " a bit for laziness, a bit because I wanted that those happy days never ended... who knows... the trio fed by "solar power" always hits..."


Gracias Panama


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