This "Trip in Portugal" is a story. The story of a traveller inside his journey, story of a journey that brought a traveller, story of a journey and of a traveller met together in the searched fusion of who sees and of what is seen... Oh reader, make your trip according to a plan of yours, pay attention to the easy and comfortable itineraries, accept to take the wrong way and to come back, or keep on till invent inusual way out towards the world. You can't do a better journey. And, if you are moved by your sensibility, register what you have seen and heard, what you have said and heard saying. Happiness has several sides. Travelling, maybe, is one of these.
- José Saramago -


"Let go my eyes towards all the horizons." - Gustave Flaubert - (Journeys)


walking around Oporto...
The famous Ribeirinha
Praça dos Aliados


The old "electrico"
Mercado do Bolhao


Some of the most typical products: "Porto" wine, the unfalling "bacalhau" and the "Francesinha"
Pedro at work
One of the several haberdasheries in the city center...


to the sea... well, actually, "to the Ocean"... it's so cold!



"Life is what we are doing of it. Travels are the travellers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are."

- Fernando Pessoa -

Valença is a delicious Portoguese town just on the border with Spain, that bridge separates the two countries!
The ancient cannons towards Spain for the "national" safety


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