16 september Galle (SRI LANKA)

Great adventure by bus till Galle, with Nick, Ann and the two Malla's daughters: Achini and Irisha.

At the bus station, all the drivers were screaming their destinations, a mix of fishmongers and station-masters of trains in Italy in 1920s.

Galle, name of the city given by the Portuguese settlers who saw a rooster on a rock when they landed here. Nowadays it's a colonial Dutch town, an ugly one! Old, decadent, abandoned, dirty and with nothing to visit.

We have walked around with our useless book: "Rough Guide" (too long-winded and theoretical and few practical)!

After a lunch in an old deluxe hotel where the two Sinhalese little girls were so tender when they tried to use the fork (they usually eat using just their hands).

In the end we come back to Matara with a local bus with no air-conditioning, stood up, gathered as sardines..."

Meeting Ann has changed me a bit. Sometimes I think I'm very selfish for some things, I have admired her strong soul, her fighting for her project, her following her dream against everybody and everything and for what? For those wonderful kids. It made me felt a bit empty.

I've lived so far with the project to visit all the world, but, what will I tell St Peter when I die? I had visited the whole "globe" satisfying my ego... It sounds a bit superficial!

In that mountain school, I did nothing and I felt good because, even only with my presence and my playing with those unfortunate angels I felt satisfied. What about if I would do anything?

I wish I could leave this world with a good memory of me. With something practical as the stubborn Ann is doing.

17 september Dickwella (SRI LANKA)

[Nick]: "Breakfast served directly by Gun (Sandokan, for the friends). We go to Dickwella City to buy some postcard! Mission failed!

There are no postcards in Dickwella. Luckily there was a news-agent who suggested us to go one moment to Matara (43 km that means, with these roads, more than one hour by tuk tuk)... "

I was thinking: sometimes we watch on the television, images that by now, sound as ordinary life things because we hear everyday. I'm talking about wars, floods, hurricanes, natural disasters and you are so used to it that it doesn't impress you anymore or worse, they don't surprise you any longer.

Then you find in the South of Sri Lanka, CNN informs the world about the nth tragedy, this time in Indonesia, you are evacuated for your safety that's why you start reflecting and thinking: "Damn, these things really happen then! People really dies!"

18 september Mawella (SRI LANKA)


Today the Ocean is very waved and it's so amazing admiring it! When you see his majesty you realize the huge power of the Nature.

Even the last day we haven't had a rest!

We visit the famous "Blow Hole" in Mawella. A water fumarole, formed by the meeting of two big waves that penetrating into a rock they determine this phenomenon.

The entrance has two prices: 5 Rupees for the locals, 50 for the foreigners!

In the late afternoon we decide to go to Matara to say good-bye to the dear Ann.

We'd better avoid that!

What adventure with a driver who didn't understand us and above all with the storm that, during the night, suddenly caught us...

But everything was all right in the end!


"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time."
- K. Gallman - (Lion's night)


19 september Malè (MALDIVES)

After one hour flight we land in Male, Maldives' capital.

What a wonderful view admiring all those atolls from above. They looked painted! Those colours, those shapes gave you a sense of relax, peace, quiet.

It has been funny meeting the guys of the first week, they were all tanned after one week in paradise, we were full of new experiences to tell.

This journey has given us something priceless value, as usual.

Stuti Sri lanka



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