I would be redundant if I write that contingencies are the salt of business ... yesterday, our team: Rossho, Charly, Pedro, me and the Argentinean new entry Luly, ready with backpacks on our shoulders, receive the news that there are no more seats left on our train to Belgrade...


After evaluating other destinations we decide to book the last 5 seats for the following day and we go directly to the beach in Cervia to relax a bit ...




08 august Bologna (ITALY)

When my backpack embraces me I feel more alive, stronger. I feel what I want to be forever: a stray dog that strolls around, here and there, admiring everything around him, without giving nuisance to anyone. As a small bee that sucks the nectar from a flower in the varied field that the world is!

[Rossho]: "As all departures one wonders why and where. I say: why not and where it is".

You feel inside a new picture of our insistent life. Although small, however, the big Monet with a 3x5 created a masterpiece. Mine is a wish, wish of knowledge, of belonging, there will be again Belgrade, point of junction of two worlds. From there we will decide our next steps...

It's beautiful to catch up with old and new friends. Meanwhile, I change my guitar strings, I'm gonna write another song travelling."

09 august Venice (ITALY)

After so long it's wonderful to spend time with my friends and my brother, people with whom I have lived wonderful moments, adventures and anecdotes around the world, stories that you tell, with great pleasure, in the evenings with friends in front of a drink.

We return to Venice. All the times this stage marks the beginning of a new journey, a new adventure.

We were walking through crowded streets full of languages and I thought about when 5 years ago, with Rossho and Gabriel, a bit shy, we were in the same place, frightened because Serbia frightened us...

Here we are again for the umpteenth episode... Who knows what will happen this time.

[Luly Grzyb from Buenos Aires, Argentina]: "This is the kind of travel that pleases me. Wherever you go you will not know what will happen!"


10 august Belgrade (SERBIA)

The night in the train has been much better than we expected pampered by our controller factotum Zoran.

We share our couch with a couple of Japanese from Osaka, a bit lost, the classic types that give you the impression of not having the slightest idea of where they are ..

Even when the controller, by mistake, takes their Eurail ticket, speechless, looking at me amazed, instead of debating and get their ticket back, they just continue to say: "Unbelievable." At the end we have to solve their problem ...

We wake up at Šid-ШИД, border between Croatia and Serbia.

People begin to change, the landscape as well, we cross small train stations with small bars folded into two while the children are washing windscreens of cars in a row...

The old faces dug by wrinkles, sitting quiet with handkerchiefs that surround their white hair, embroidering.

[Rossho]: "Tomorrow we go to Bosnia...

Today has been a very full day... We have met Marjia again that asked us to find a job as housekeeping in Italy... Gag... How life can be so unfair... Girls in Italy, just because they know someone or they are the daughters of someone, without life experiences, are judges... and here we hear these requests from so special people... Gag".

Belgrade has changed very much since the last time... Improved, more modern, globalized...You walk through the wonderful main street and you are surrounded by shops like: Zara, Terranova, Nike... Why a Country can not have its own identity, its own ego and there is always this constant race to try to be all equal as to validate the old saying: "Every country is the world!"

11 august Sarajevo (BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA)

I'm writing from a very old Bosnian bus.

Yes, we are going to Sarajevo, this city that we have heard for so long from news broadcasts reports, protagonist of an endless war.

We're going just there and a soldier like me is very excited, especially because Bosnia is still an area where our contingent works!

Along the road, while we were passing near the airport, I have seen an airplane taking off and I thought: "This plane, in one hour and half, will already be in Italy!" We, from the border, have spent more than fifteen.

I love travelling in this way, discover every place from the bottom, certainly more tiring and hard for our bodies but more valuable for our souls ...

We are moving as they move, we eat what they eat, this also means living the place that hosts you!

This bus reminds me so much of the one taken from Mexico to Belize, except for the music that here is a sad gypsy-Slavic litany and people do not have the perennial smile of those blacks but cold faces carved by sufferance!

The controller, like many others, speaks to us in Serbian, almost as if we understood him, I have the impression that they really believe to be still an empire, the one for which Tito had hardly worked, but in the meantime, Karadžić (dictator accused of many crimes against humanity) has been arrested and here, they organize demonstrations and protests against this action.

An exhausting travel by bus, a few kilometres travelled in almost 8 hours... Every now and then the bus stopped, loaded other people, unloaded others, controlled tyres, stopped by mechanical, then to eat ...

Bosnia struck me a lot. You expect to find ruins, collapsed buildings for the bombing and instead ... The landscape from Belgrade to here: a mixture of the Alps and Finland. Many green hills, trees, pastures with cows, sheep, flowers... I expected a second Makedonia, and instead I'm completed wrong once here ...

12 august Sarajevo (BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA)

Are you sure that there has been a war here? Well, in the suburbs, many buildings bear the marks, the wounds of a conflict just past and that should be deleted...

In the evening I was chatting to Samra, a very funny Bosnian girl, and when I asked her if she knew a museum on the war I was just iced when she answered me: "Frankly I do not know, we are trying to forget it!"

Yesterday, when we arrived we soon looked for a hostel ... Our dormitory was immersed in a dark street close to a cemetery without even a small indication...

There are various groups of Australians, Swiss, German with whom we spent some time laughing and joking!

The old town struck me very much, so full of people, not too many tourists. Frankly I expected to find a mixture of Israel (for the deployment of military forces) and Macedonia (because the population is Slav-Muslim).

We meet some local girls, Muslim without veil, very sociable, people who had lived the war on their skin, although little girls. They tell us about shelters, unions, community: "What was mine, was also yours!" Girls whose fathers were called to fight and who were able to see only 4 years later, at the end of the conflict, the luckiest ones!

Remember that so many people died that the cemeteries had not even enough space to "welcome" them, that's why they began to bury them in playgrounds that a few years before (1984) had hosted the Winter Olympics Games. What mockery! A field that is the symbol of world peace and shortly after becomes a place of eternal rest caused by the war!

We watched the Olympic zone, or what remains, during the tour by bus with Jasna and Emira.

The tour showes us the outskirts of the city, I was very impressed to see the place where in 1914 the archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and, as we know, unleashed the First World War!

Walking through the centre, we often hear the crying litanies of the muezzim from minaret...


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