"Walking you make your path."

- Antonio Machado -

30 january Cartagena (COLOMBIA)

Forenoon spent around the calles of the city wandering without destination and marvelling of all we met along our road....

[Aura Jacqueline Rodriguez Sarmiento from Cartagena, Colombia]:


Es la tierra, es el cielo? NO!
Es mi vida la nublada
tan fria como el hielo,
que hasta el alma la tengo congelada.

Piensan que no tiengo sentimiento
por el contrario lo siento todo
pues, bien oculto va' mi arrepentimiento
al saber que a alguien incomodo.

Al ser tan cruel con los demas
voy lastimando mi propia llaga
y me acongojo mas y mas
al ver que a alguien incomodo.

Que soy fuerte y de hierro
y que no me afecta nada
que soy igual a un muerto perro
porque ya no siento nada.

Eso es lo que de mi piensan
porque no estan en mi carne
pero si un momento lo hiciera
no vacilarian en admirarme.

Admirarme? Ja ! No seria admirar
mas bien compadecer, eso si es,
es por ello que no quiero recordar
lo amarga que mi vida es.

Lo que plasmo en esta hoja
es lo que dice el fondo de mi alma
y en este momento se me antoja
poner las cartas sobre la palma.

Sobre las palmas de mis manos
las pongo para meditar.
Si son mejor que yo mis hermanos
y en algo los puedo imitar.

Quisiera ser como un nino
que a sus padres se  abraza 
y  esboza  todo  su carino
como el fuego prende la brasa.

Muchas veces deseo hacerlo
pero, doy mi paso atràs
pues todos deben comprenderlo
porque soy un humano mas.

[Nick]: "Jacqueline, a friend of Hemy, while she leaves us a dedication on our diary that is a touching poetry written by herself, tells me something of her life: husband dead six years ago, killed by the guerrilla after been kidnapped... An accident almost deadly 16 years before... How beautiful! We mad me feel something... What a beautiful meeting! Thanks".

31 january Cartagena (COLOMBIA)

Near our hotel, after drinking something with Shirly and one friend of her, we meet again a very nice lady with whom we had chatted last night. While we were joking with her suddenly a taxi stops and her daughter goes down: Monica. We decide to invite her for a drink while her mother asks us to go up to their flat. To their house. We take advantage of it because we are curious to see a true Colombian house...


01 february Cartagena (COLOMBIA)

[Nick]: "This trip is almost over, a bit different from the last done because we have not travelled as usual...

I leave Colombia with sadness... It doesn't happen all the times to be sad when I leave a place...

Plaza de los relojes where we ate admiring their life that flowed under our balcony, the walking along the Tercera Avenida, the so many phone calls done by the "human telephone boxes", the strolls around the Casco Antiguo, everything will remain forever...

The budget is always positive because travelling is growing up and you can never end it...

P.S. If you come here,don't buy postcards... You don't know what can happen to you...

Tomorrow we returns home via Panama...


02 february Cartagena (COLOMBIA)

[Ivan Marras from Cagliari, Italia]: "If I listen I forget. If I see I remember. If I do I understand. (Chinese proverb)

With this Chinese saying, dear Mark and Nick I prefer to begin my essay. This motto also contains the essence of my way to travel, the noble function of the "go", as Kerouac used to say ("On the road").

It's beautiful to know boys like you that despite the Hilton Hotel gather the true essence of the travel, that love to get lost in the noises, in the sounds, in the silences that will always bring inside of themselves, the voices of which then they will fall in love with....

Travel helps us to abandon the foolishness, to dip us in new realities, to learn to live the passions, to prefer a mix of emotions...

Travel teaches how to live... Not only to exist.

Travelling this is what we live. And we do"...

I have just read the message left by Ivan. It's exciting to know that we think at the same way!

To change subject: I have had lunch here with a Neapolitan boy on holiday. He has told me that for several days he had been angry because he couldn't understand the reason why all the girls with whom he had sex, in those moments of pleasure howled the name of his friend Enrico! He couldn't explain it and this bothered him very much... Until, this morning at last we has solved the arcane... Actually nobody was in love with his friend, as the Neapolitan thought, simply, in Spanish "So good" is translated: "Que rico!" that almost sounds as the name of her friend "Enrico!" I was laughing so much while he was telling me this story also because for this reason he has quarrelled with almost all of them...

Not satisfied of that, he has decided to entertain us in the airport too while we were standing in line for the check in. While he was leafing his passport I notice that there were many pages missing... Immediately he explains me that, having a very jealous girlfriend, and travelling often for sexual tourism, sometimes he tore the pages (numbered) of the passport to eliminate the traces! "Actually", he confesses me, "now she knows that I am in India for job, not in Colombia. By the way, what do they usually eat in India? So if she asks me taht I will know what to answer her!" And I was wondering that perhaps he ignored that the "falsification" of a document is a serious crime, above all a passport!

What weary controls in the airport. So many and long files, controls to the documents, to the suitcases, to the hand baggage, to us... Absurd: there was a check point for the body check, ten more meters before us there was another one... One in front of the other... The drug is a big problem here...

We are leaving again. This time, instead, I am not sad. Maybe because listening to the projects of trip of Ivan I thought to how cool it would have been to penetrate in the real Colombia and to discover her as he will do or that in a week here, we have not travelled so much as we usually do...

Meanwhile we are in flight inbound Panama. We will make a fast stop there before starting the Atlantic crossing.


03 february Panama City (PANAMA)

[Nick]: "Stretched out on my seat in business class...

After the stop in the Panamanian capital we embark again but there is something wrong this time... Our place is already occupied. In gergo: "Double Seating" (they have assigned the same seat to two people), l've discuss with the hostess and she asks us to wait that all the people take seat. What a good start!

Meanwhile Mark chats with a nice hostess... The embarkation finishes and they assign us two places in the middle of colony of vacationers that make a lot of noise... Damn!

We sit there aware that it will be a very hard flight when suddenly the hostess with whom Mark was talking before comes to us and asks us if we want to move to the business class to make up for the trouble created us... Eleven hours in business! Wow!

As hawks we go to our new seats that we soon turn into a real bed while the steward handed us a glass of champagne... Cool: bed, personal television, several games, snack and drink in every moment and supper of fish...

The flight passes very quickly... I enjoy the last moments in business... I was thinking that we ended here because we are in the Air Force, the pilot of our aircraft is an ex of ours... There are not only cheats doing our job then?"

At the beginning I felt out of place, I was not used to that luxury and all those attentions. I have understood even more what Maylediz and her cousin felt that day at the Hilton with me and I have felt even more proud to have made it possible.

Gracias Colombia


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