07 january Port Louis (MAURITIUS)

[Giancarla Mandolesi Ferrini from Rome, Italy]: "Serenity. Days started without anxiety, but only with the desire to face a new day in a warm and smiling wonderful country...

Amazing landscape, photos, photos, photos, every angle, every rock was a postcard.

Warm on the skin, shells under the feet...

Silences and sharing of the fact that we were both lucky to be able to live that intense and special instant, a feeling of peace that I hope it will remain in our hearts.

Diary of trip, return to writing".

Visit of the capital: Port Louis. Despite the taxi-drivers who proposed us discounts on discounts dissuading us to go with other means because the city was dangerous, we, stubborn, take the bus.

Cool, the only "tourists", among people that was going to work, who was going to the office, who to school and we, camera always ready to gather every single fragment of daily life, admired all that surrounded us...

When I travel I love dipping me to 360° in their daily things...

Port Louis is a very small town, enough dirty, badly off and neglected. It seems an old maid from the long grey hair, disappointed by now by the masculine world, that doesn't cure herself anymore and doesn't care if the other like her or not.

It seems as the whole commercial life happens in the great o "bazaar" covered (like Merida or Phan Thiet). There are stands with souvenirs for the tourists but also the objects of first necessity for the houses of the Mauritian: fruit, spices, foods etc.

We have walked so much in that labyrinthine alleys full of people that sold and bought.

[Nick]: "I love strolling around the bazaars... The colours, the odours, the confused words of many languages make me feel good... I didn't expect to come on the island and feel like walking so much"...

We have visited the museum of the philately, they simply exposed one of the most expensive postage stamps in the world because instead of stamping: "post paid", they stamped: "post office!" a sample was exposed at the entry of the museum!

In the evening the three pretty French of Reunion came to visit: Emilie, Muriel and Martine. We have spent a pleasant evening with them chatting of everything although hardly considering that we didn't have any linguistic knowledge in common, but, as I told them: "It's beautiful to talk and to exchange opinions and points of view with people so distant from you (in all the senses), of course, when you don't have a language in common it is difficult however when you succeed, also a fool sentence, after all the hard work done, assumes a great importance".

"Here we die!"

- Ancient saying from Naples -

The history of the Dodo

Dodo is the name that was given to this awkward animal when it was found by the first conquerors on the island!

It didn't know how to race, neither to fly, neither to escape to the traps of the islanders nevertheless it had to be very good to be eaten considering that in few time it has been boundless. It's extinct now and it has become the symbol of the island.



08 january Cap Malheureux (MAURITIUS)

[Nick]: "Today we go to the extreme north of the island, to Cap Malheureux, to search paradisiacal beaches and a church from the red roof"...

We have found the church but the beach...

Unfortunately the atmospheric weather has betrayed us... We had come until here to enjoy the sun in calm instead it has been cloudy all the day long. Too bad, we decided to visit some things.

In primis the famous church from the red roof. That church was wonderful in its simplicity, just that lack of luxury made me reflect. I hate that we "pseudo-faithful Christian" devolve so much money to the church, for which reason? Maybe the old bigots believe to reserve a place in heaven in this way! Do they act in this way to feel better with their own conscience? I don't want to generalize, however, how come the priests always have brand new luxury cars, expensive statues, paintings, sculptures are purchased for the churches when that same money could be used even for paying the studies, the medicines for thousands of needy children indeed. Surely they do it too, but we could do even more if everybody were "really religious"!

Another thing that impressed me so much (as in Caye Caulker), has been the cemetery on the beach, on the edge of a hillock that directly finished on the sea. It gave really the idea of the peace, of the calm and of the serenity; those simple graves made me really think to an "eternal rest." So distant from ours, more and more modern and technological. Some have the elevator too...

Finally along the road we stop spellbound to visit a Hinduist temple. All that strange and coloured fantastic characters made me curious... How can they adore, set in the hands of a man with four arms and with elephant's head, their own prayers and desires... Whatever!

At the end it doesn't matter if we have not found the famous beach!

In the evening the three girls from Reunion come to visit us again. What a fun! We have played to "Merd" (a game with the cards) till early in the morning, everything ended with a dive in swimming pool all dressed...

Everyone travels on board of himself. Without exceptions.
- Jacques Meunier - (Travel without excuse)


09 january Chamarel (MAURITIUS)

[Nick]: "We have just returned from the tour of the Southwest. The weather has not been very good!

The visit, at the beginning has been a bit boring: Floreal, famous for her shops of great signatures at little price has revealed the usual trap "rub-money" to the tourists. After a clothing shop, a factory of diamonds and a factory of models of ships finally we succeed in starting the true tour!"

We stop in Curepipe to have lunch but Mark and I, prefer to stroll around the small town crunching our sandwich prepared during the breakfast in the hotel (baguettes with wurstel and cheese). A stroll that I liked very much!

From there we direct toward Trou aux Cerfs: a crater recovered by a rich vegetation...

Under a beating rain we reach the Grand Bassin: the sacred lake for the Mauritian of Hinduist faith.

It's a natural basin that occupies the crater of an out volcano. The legend narrates that Shiva and her wife Parvati has gotten up in flight above the Indian ocean bringing with them the sacred waters of the river Ganges. From the high they saw an island of a dazzling beauty and Shiva went down on that in plan filling with the sacred water a crater and forming so the sacred lake!

It has been exciting to see so many women in sari that deposed, on afloat dishes, the various offers (melons, fruits, flowers) for their Gods!

We visit to two falls: Black River Gorges and Chamarel Waterfalls (a jump of 100 meters, very picturesque!), nearby there are the famous earths from the seven colours.

They are formed thanks to the volcanic eruptions that eight million years ago formed the island. The ground is characterized by backs and dunes where different layers of detritus and lava were deposited.

[Nick]: "The tour ends with the most interesting thing for me: the Casela Park! Among many coloured birds, turtle of all the dimensions, hens, white and black swans, pink crane, fishes and ducks we stroll about for so much time with the feet full of mud...

The most beautiful part has been the photo with the giant turtle.. another animal that seems gone out of the prehistory and so, after iguanas (Mexico), varani and casuari (Sri Lanka) here is another piece of evolution that I meet along my walk"...

10 january Trou Aux Biches (MAURITIUS)


[Nick]: "In spite of all the forecasts today has been a fabulous day!

Whole day spent on the beach!"

As every place for vip here also it happens to meet soccer players (Zola, Casiraghi) or characters of the TV (Brignani etc.)...

I thought: We are lucky because we have the economic possibility and the intelligence to travel around the world, the greatest part of the Italian families have never done it and ever will. For many the trip for antonomasia is the "honeymoon", the one that you will never forget perhaps because it will be the only one!

In a few hours we returns to Italy! We will fly with: Air Mauritius. I like to experiment new air companies...

We departed a bit hesitant because we were afraid to find only a romantic place for couples as in Maldives, instead we landed in a laughing island instead open to everybody! I was impressed very much by this place, I will return there with pleasure!


"The road back has always something melancholy. A gentle sadness."
- Banana Yoshimoto -

11 january Trou Aux Biches (MAURITIUS)

Final evening dancing "Sega", Mauritian traditional dance, I've been "captured" by a dancer... What a shame! ;-)

Another exciting and intense adventure is finishing, a vacation turned into a true trip in the course of the time... Materially ended because the memory of all that happened, of every single, small, apparently meaningless detail travels continually inside of me.

Here a small but long parenthesis of my life is closed. Soon my course starts in airport and I'm sure that million of times I will think about this period of thoughtlessness. I'm happier and happier that I left all the time I could...

The thought that in a few months, with my backpack on the shoulders, I will be around again for the roads of this world and my heart is filled again, the smile returns on my face and gives me new energy!

The skin singed by the Mauritian sun seems that, winking, tells me: "You have done another great trip, mate!"

Merci Ile Maurice

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