26 october Muscate (OMAN)

Intense morning around the many travel agencies in Muscate.
We have visited so many and we have not resolved anything.
The tourism here is almost nonexistent.
When we asked if they were offering travel packages to visit some places they stared at us as if we had asked for a pound of ham in a jewelry store!
Oman, morphologically, appears to be very similar to Jordan, where instead Tourism is doing well ... why Omani are unable to organize themselves?

A whole morning "spent" but not lost because when you travel is also fun talking, negotiating with local, arranging a tour even though the solution was under our nose ...
At the hotel we meet Faisal that will reveal the trump card in addition to our great friend throughout our stay in Oman!



27 october Muscate (OMAN)

[Nick]: "The souq of Mutrah is very real ...
It’s made of small squares and alleys where everybody call you  to show you their wares, the smell of incense fills the souq...
Satisfied we eat two "shwarma" with the usual fresh squeezed orange juice,  along the Corniche...

Mark manages even to organize a  football match with local boys just met! "

So we return to the souq to buy a pair of shoes for the game of tomorrow! The trip begins to take shape!



28 october Muscate (OMAN)

In the afternoon we are all on the "field"! Everyone, absolutely everyone ... we were about forty people! A game without rules, without off side or goal keeper, but playing in a quarry, with the mosque next door (like a church in the suburbs) was simply great!

In the evening with the legendary Faisal and dressing the typical "dishdasha" and "Kuma" we strolled around the various shopping malls immersing in the Arabic atmosphere while our friend was explaining us the "techniques of chasing" girls in Oman ...
From the glances game  (when they don’t have their faces completely covered), until she makes  you understand that you can go closer to exchange mobile phone number but then you must disappear ... or the technique more mischievous of sitting in a large mall and turning the bluetooth mobile phone checking if any other girl is connected and available to chat via phone ... What a stress!

"But when you wanna get married? How does it work?" Well, in that case, as happened to him, his sisters and mother show him many pictures of potential suitors ... so he can choose (assuming that the future wife has no voice in the matter!)


"I wanted the movement, not a quite existence. I wanted the feeling, the danger, the chance to sacrify something to my love.

I felt inside of me a great energy that couldn't find the right way in a quite life." 

- Lev Tolstoj -





29 october Ibra (OMAN)


We depart to the discovery of Oman!

[Nick]: "The first stop is at Hawyat Najem, a hole that seems to have been formed by the impact of a meteorite.

Second step is to Wadi Shab. As I understand, these wadis are oases formed by lakes, small streams, waterfalls that  go  for km inside the natural canyon ...

We decide to not stop in the nearby Wadi Tiwi after the previous trekking in the beautiful wadi, we head for Sur, a fishing village where we visit a small artisanal factory of dhow (traditional boat), totally assembled by hand..
Here indeed, mass tourism has not arrived yet, during the whole day we've never met a souvenirs’ seller...
Inside the Sunaysilah castle I hit my head at an ancient stone door jamb! What a pain!

The day is still long. After eating roast chicken with hands (Oman manner) we reach the Wadi Bani Khalid. Interesting wadi for the palm trees background on the mountains.

It’s almost sunset. We try to reach quickly Bidiya and his desert: Wahiba Sands with its fine and red sand... "

What is left of this beautiful day lived so intensely, even in traditional dresses...
For sure the beautiful sunset in the desert... It might sound like the usual tourist thing but I doubt that many people have lived it as we did... Three pure white sultans... silence broken only by the wailing of camels around us and a plastic bag carried by the wind ... The light of a half moon that shone us dimly and our thoughts ... Who was thinking about the work, who, like me, that it would have been nice to live always with a backpack, a camera slung over the shoulders, a diary in the pocket of the shorts and the desire to run, explore and discover new things all the times...


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