04 june St. Paul's Bay (MALTA)

"Yes, I really think that travel is the best way to enrich
your soul.

You meet new people, new scents, new sounds, new tastes... you come back abd
feel full, full in all your internal sense, in every part of yours ...

I travel and I'm happy! "



St. Paul's Bay

The most isolated archipelago in the Mediterranean: Malta, formed by 7 islands, the most famous ones  Gozo and Comino, are inhabited, while the others can be visited in one day.

Malta gained independence only in 1964 by the British, many memories are still alive: they, in fact, still drive on the left!
You don’t need a very long vacation, because you can visit most of this wonderful land easily in a week. Just consider that Valletta is the smallest capital of Europe.

A curiosity that not everyone knows is that on the Maltese Churches were placed two watches, but only one shows the right time... the second is used to confuse the devil, allowing you to assist the mass without "troublemakers".

Gozo Island

Let’s think about the food...
Do not forget, in fact, that 40% of travel is food!

These are my favourite ones, you definitely have to try them:
  - Pastizzi, puff pastry with ricotta cheese or mashed peas.
  - Hobz biz-zej, bread with olive oil, rubbed with tomato, stuffed with capers, onion, tuna and garlic ... what a goodness!
  - Gbejniet, local sheep cheese
  - Zalzett, Maltese sausage flavored with coriander.

Also fish lovers will be satisfied with:
- Lampuki Pie (fish pie)
- Aljotta (fish soup). Needless to say that there is no better place to stock up on fresh fish market on Sunday morning "Marsaxlokk".

About fishermen, a curiosity: the typical boats of the place called: Iuzzus, are very colorful and on each side you can see the design of the Osiris, to protect workers and keep away the evil eye!

Gem of stone and salt, cowrie bright south of our sea.

Mediterranean, lands that you divide, people that you join under your studded sun.

At night waves that stretch calm me down, they curl, they break the soft gurgle of summer.

On the rocks splash of the moon darken figures bent by the wind. Sheltered from the world a new awakening among Neolite, vestal of old time that still lives.

(Giulio Perrone)

Enjoy, as a snack, the Kannoli, as Sicilian influence, and a taste of Helwa tat-Tork a cake with crunchy almonds.

Everybody knows that the best wine producers in Europe are: Italy, France, Germany and Spain, but do not underestimate Malta, because if you have the opportunity to participate in a guided \ tasting (which I recommend) for the various wineries of the island you will be surprised of the variety and the genuine taste of the grapes...

luzzu and panoramas from the Barrakka Garden
La Valletta

So, a small archipelago to be discovered is waiting for you.


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