24 november Erg Chebbi (MOROCCO)

Salim wakes us up at six o'clock: the sun is rising!

Only three of us manage to reach the highest dune to watch this latest show of nature!

We play guessing which animal on the delicate wall of our dune the footprints belong to!

Just on time to warm us up with the Berber tea that we ride our camels!

The return revealed even harder.

Our buttocks still hurt!

It is very picturesque walking through what appears to a split in a red mountain, this is the Todra Gorge.

But our destination is still far today.
The journey to the Dades Gorge is impassable. It goes along asphalt tongues that resemble so many snakes.
A few houses, land and all the rocks are of a very special red.



25 november Ouarzazate (MOROCCO)

Along the "rose road" we stop in one of the many shops selling perfumes, creams, ointments made from this flower.

Skoura. Famous for Amerhidil Kasbah, a fortress made of mud and straw and lived until 50 years ago.

I honestly do not seal very well but it was interesting to note that the Moroccan used the limited materials at their disposal to cover all the different daily requirements.

Amusing the entire visit, we were followed by a TV crew who filmed us and even interviewed me at the end!


The famous Ouarzazate welcomes us with its 31 degrees!

Here we get lost in the scenery of the Atlas Studios.
A sort of Moroccan Hollywood, set of many international films, from "Asterix and Obelix" to "Cleopatra" from "Ben Hur" to "Gladiator" and so on.

You could see parts of entire cities that seemed absolutely real and the construction of which had requested up to six months of work to be used only for scenes of 10-12 minutes.




26 november Marrakech (MOROCCO)

The Jemaa El Fna square on Thursday night is awesome!

A tangle of people hath been suddenly materialized before our eyes.

Snake charmers, dwarfs, street artists, trainers of monkeys, beggars and tourists everywhere!

We decided to spend this evening in a little place a bit more chic than usual ...

Dinner of cous cous on the terrace enjoying the last vestiges of Morocco.


With our guide: Hamid, we visit the Bahia Palace, Tombs Saadian and the nth minaret.

The visit was not very exciting and at the first chance we took the opportunity to wander the streets of the labyrinthine souq!

For a couple of hours I wandered lonely through those narrow streets where they sold everything ... carpets, tajine, bags, spices, animals ...


27 november Casablanca (MOROCCO)

Casablanca a week later!

It is always the same story ... a week passes in Italy and you neither notice it!

Here in eight days we have visited almost a nation!

[Laura Zoli from Varese]: "The voice of the wind in the desert, the shadows of the camels on the dunes, and the music made by people from every single element of this part of Africa, the sky here has a different color, but especially us, the group that I never expected so different but so united. Morocco has enchanted me! "

[Nicoletta di Marco from Syracuse]: "I've always heard of Africa Sickness. Now I too have been infected by this disease. "

[Stefania Scivoletto from Capua]: "The froth of the ocean, the confusion of the colors of the medina, the smells of the souq, the glow of the sky of Africa, the dunes on camel, red mountains and the magic of Marrakech ... All of this was Morocco!

The most exciting moment: the sun that greets us from behind a dune in the desert, the most romantic moment: do not close your eyes to be dazzled by the lights of the night in the desert, a moment of peace of the senses: the walk on the dunes, the most exciting moment: the tea in the desert to the realization that an adventure was waiting for us, the happiest moment: the return because I know I lived, found and brought home a lot more than I ever imagined! "


A journey that started a bit on the sly but has left a great trace in me. I had no doubts.


المغرب شكرا


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