23 september Praia do Tofo (MOZAMBIQUE)

You a pen as gift... They give you a smile accompanied by a shy "obrigado" and you immediately feel richer and happier!

The thing that struck me about this first taste of Africa is the "waka waka", the eternal journey of these men, women and children who appear from anywhere and walk ... go ahead ... somewhere ... go on in single line, in groups, some lonely ... improvise a dance on the roadside by red sand, an elderly lady with a lively discussion with women. Children with heavy bottles or large bags on their heads, girls with artistic hair with thousands of colored braids ... Where do they go: you do not know ... Where do they emerge: you can't see it... We only know that they go ...

These days I appreciated so much a Western thing that for us is more than obvious: the electricity!
Making all operations in the dark is not an easy task: set up your tent, unpack your backpack, look for the suit to sleep ...

After 14 hours on the road we stop at Praia do Tofo, a romantic spot, which overlooks the Indian Ocean and that reminds me so much Dikwella.

The anti-malarial prophylaxis proceeds. "Lariam" so far has not had huge side effects in me, luckily..

[Nick]: "Mozambique conveys the idea that I have of Africa: it is poor but generous and friendly."

Here is one of those places that I will not forget easily!

We were buying some food supplies at the border between South Africa and Mozambique when we met a guy who rented us his marvelous villa on the ocean for a night.
It was hard to get there but it was worth it.

Waking up with this spectacle of nature was exciting!
The immense ocean that surrounds you, fishermen returning from fishing trip ...
I will never forget the short run barefoot, wearing only swimming suite, on the white beach ...
I wish I could capture as much as possible of these images, these feelings, these flavors ...
How surprising this Mozambique is ... I would never expected that?



24 september Vilankulo (MOZAMBIQUE)

Vilankulo welcomed us with its sound, its music, its cuisine, its people ...

Two local boys cheer our dinner improvising songs with their guitars, songs that extol the goodness and kindness of the "people of Vilankulo."

What a lovely evening, I felt so far away from my world ... I was in a remote village in Mozambique ..
We are so lucky to stay in huts built with woven palm leaves, which overlooks the Indian Ocean.
Here, too, electricity is an unnecessary luxury.
Our torches lit by dim carrying out different tasks. Without light, everything is more difficult but it helps us to strengthen our team spirit.
We endeavored to better the organization of the primary things: wire for hanging clothes, mosquito nets varied, backpack for tomorrow sailing.

25 september Ihla Magaruque (MOZAMBIQUE)

It 's always exciting enjoy the unfolding of the everyday life of people so far away from you ...

At dawn I was back on the beach with my camera to capture the fishermen returning from fishing trip, the children playing with crabs on the shoreline or the fish that jumped down from the networks, women who upload large baskets full of fish on the head and go somewhere, perhaps to the "Mercado Municipal" ...

Taking advantage of low tide we walk 200 meters before getting on our boat. We sail!
It's amazing how the low tide manage to bring out true oasis in the ocean.
Navigation is slow but allows us to see the different colors and many shades of the sea as well as huge fishes, big jelly fish and large starfishes.

Magaruque is an island far away from everything, it has a small beach, palm trees on the ocean. Every so often a crab emerging from a hole in the sand across it with his clumsy gait and then disappear into another hole, not far...

With the feet and hands bleeding and scarred by the corals, we dive for a long snorkeling but exhausted by the struggle against the tide and a little disappointed by the scarcity of animal life, I surrender and fall asleep under a palm tree, as in the most classic images of relax!
Meanwhile, our Mozambicans friends have already prepared a delicious lunch with rice, giant crabs and excellent grilled barracuda ...

While we return to Vilankulo, sitting towards the infinity of the ocean, with the legs and feet dangling in the water I travel with my heart.


"Each land of Africa is Country, house, interior home
cross it along the roads, tracks, spaces, and the crowd
back to the origin,
and it allows me to go back inside until the essential,
immediacy of the first moments, to me, of created life, of the whole earth. "
- Anonymous -


26 september Ihla Barzaruto (MOZAMBIQUE)

The morning fog has spoiled the dawn show... Whatever, we will try again tomorrow!

In two hours we reach Barzaruto island.
The navigation is romantic as ever, it surrounds you, it cradles you... I usually sit with my legs outside the boat and in the most solitary spot of the boat: I want to enjoy the conquer of each wave ...

The scene is dominated by a huge white sand dune ...
Touched the ground we are literally magnetized by climbing the dune.
At the top: the show that this island offers us rewards us for all the effort and especially the sand swallowed ...
The low tide had created a natural palette of many colors with the reflection that the sun, the incessant comings and goings of the clouds that made the show even more exciting ...

I swim in natural swimming pool among the coral, I take this opportunity, since there is no one to even do this naked, in total freedom!

Lunch with grilled squid fighting with a hawk that performing many loops in the sky hopes to steal our food....

"Travelling to push the horizons a bit further on, to see how it will be the next forest, the next desert, the next person. Give you the freedom to choose where to be tomorrow. Live "

- Marco Deambrogio -



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