30 september Nampula (MOZAMBIQUE)

While dismantling the tent, in the quiet of dawn of Mozambique, whereas there are three days that we do not wash ourselves properly, the shower is by now an old memory and a luxury, my beard and hair are long, dirty clothes and I haven't been looking in the mirror for a week, food begin to dwindle, it is difficult to even find a bit of water but we are happy!

Happy for the experience that we are living, happy to sip a drop of water in the bottle though still hot, happy knowing that this trip is changing us and we will return to our homeland, surrounded by luxury and comfort of our hi-tech houses and we will think of those people who every day, no matter what, fight to survive and then we will not needlessly waste what we had previously taken for granted.

Nampula is the third largest city of Mozambique. We make 300 liters of fuel for our truck, it's hard to find a store for food supplies.

Shoprite is what we need.
On leaving the supermarket with two carts overflowing with food, I understand the reason for all this security armed with big guns at the exit of each store.
As if escorting two half-door values, we are almost attacked by the crowd waiting outside. Rudy, Silvio and Fannie who were guarding the truck, as soon as they see us tell us immediately that they had just witnessed a robbery against the car parked next to us...
We soon empty all on the seats and scoured away.
We are going to put in order far from too curious eyes.

In Cuamba, a town on the border between Mozambique and Malawi, it is difficult to find a decent place for the night.

Before seeking help to a school we find something at "San Miguel Motel ... but they only have three doubles room and with a little sacrifice we are going to sleep in three on two beds!

Here too, the shower is an option but it is even the sink!

We ends to wash ourselves where we can!


01 october Liwonde National Park (MALAWI)

In the course of the time I'm becoming more and more patient!
I already feel this trip will do me good!

We leave Mozambique after going through his last villages, huts, breathed its red sand, we feel there is flooding into the nostrils and the T-shirts ... we hear the last words in Portuguese at the border... short stretch of no man's land and the asphalt begins, the signs are all in English... Large bar: Stop.
A flag flies proudly. We are in Malawi.

It's hard to convince customs officials that being Italian and not coming from Kenya or Tanzania, we do not need the vaccine against yellow fever ... they insist but we do not give up! Imagine if I let them make a hole on me in an African frontier!

The background is completely different!
We reach the Liwonde N.P. and its hippos, but the most important thing for us is that finally there is a shower!
After 4-5 days we needed it!
We take the opportunity to wash ourselves and all our dirty laundry, practically the whole backpack! Suddenly I found myself in boxer and flip-flops while I was washing everything I had... even things that I was wearing at that moment!

The night was quite eventful and troubled by a couple of hippos that have entered our field chased by two rangers!


02 october Liwonde National Park (MALAWI)

Funny awakening with the two warthogs that were grazing a few yards from us!

"My canoe, slipping slightly on the ways of the big roaring river ..." so we used to sing when I was a SCOUT in "Land of birches" and the river, in our case is: Shire.

Elephants, crocodiles, hippos, sea eagles and cormorants have presented their everyday life!

"They have very basic things" - the bitter comments of Silvio and Sabrina who work in a hospital in Italy after the tour in Mua hospital...

I only saw lots of newborn babies, many women / girls / moms ...
"You are born here and then what do you do?" - I thought sadly to myself ...

Later, on the shore of Lake Malawi, chatting with two Koreans who were doing around world tour I started fantasize with my imagination ...

The beard is long as ever and I feel free ...
Detoxified by phone, internet and the iPhone, my computer and my Ipod ... I feel better!
Today I even had a chance to connect to the internet and I did not do it. I wanna keep on feeling out of reach, out of the lives of others and continue this journey into myself.


03 october Monkey Bay (MALAWI)

Lake Malawi is all for them.
They quench their thirst with its water, wash their clothes, pots and their bodies!

I followed from afar their actions. I have observed them. immediately after waking up, going to its side with a glass to drink and brush their teeth, face and entire body.
With the sand degreased the dirty pots, all while hundreds of screaming children were running, splashing in the water or playing with the fish fallen from some network.
They are boys and girls of my age but already seem old.
A guy asked my age, he looked like a forty, and when he asked me to guess, I tried to be polite saying: 30 ... he was 23!

There is misery, poverty, no hope for the future... Suddenly I even didn't feel like taking pictures. I turned off the camera and I continued to photograph everything with my eyes and heart!


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