"It is said that once the baobab - the sacred plant of the Africans - was the tree of abundance: evergreen, lush, loaded with fruit.
The men revered him almost as a deity. As long as the gods got jealous of the covenant between man and the tree and one day, as punishment for his arrogance, they reversed it.

Since then, the baobab is the tree that shows the roots. "
- Anonymous -
"Knowledge is a baobab tree.
One person can not embrace it."
(Old Senegalese proverb)

08 october Livingstone (ZAMBIA)

Livingstone is a small town on the border with Zimbabwe and 60 km from Botswana.

Too westernized for my taste!

We go at the discovery of Victoria Falls!

Unfortunately, the water flow is minimal, we are in the dry season!

Zambia can have only a limited view, that's why, extremely disappointed, despite the cost a bit excessive I decide, with Stefania and some other guy, of crossing the border ...


09 october Victoria Falls (ZIMBABWE)

The exit stamp of Zambia appears on my passport ...
We pass the bar right there where there is a bridge!

"Excuse me for Zimbabwe? Straight ahead? "- I ask a guy with a big suitcase on his head!
"Yes, my brother!"

After the bridge a nice border guard introduces ourselves his Zimbabwe! The warmth and joy of the people put us in a good mood!

A colored flag waving on a large billboard says: "Welcome to Zimbabwe"

We are thirsty and we begin to see mirages of coca cola everywhere!

We dive into the first bar we findand we drink two cans each!

The center of Victoria Falls is a bit disappointing!
Only shops selling souvenirs and lots of van carrying white tourists ...

While I was walking around I thought that this place, if there were no waterfalls, it would have been another huts village forgotten by God!

Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side are much more characteristic of the other side even if they can not be compared to Iguazu Falls in Argentina at all!

It's always a thrill to admire the strength and power of nature in all its facets!
We sat on a rock and we literally abandoned ourselves to look at this endless stream of water coming from who knows where, and after crossing and seeing who know what, ended its run with this blind jump!


10 october Johannesburg (SOUTH AFRICA)

“How far Johannesburg is from here?” I ask the receptionist of our hotel.
- "Jo'burg? But it's 5 p.m.! In a little it will be dark!
You can not go into town at night! It 's too dangerous!

Now I understand all the signs that threatened armed intervention in case of violation of the law! Electrified wire, armed guards everywhere ...
It must be stressful living here!
Whatever, I will visit it in my next trip!

Speaking with the local boys I discovered that despite the end of apartheid, the situation between blacks and whites has not changed very much!
Older whites complain that others don't want to work, "they are violent parasites", the blacks accuse them of being arrogant, racist and treating them, despite everything, like slaves!
The good news is that at least the younger generations are growing up with a great vision of equality and integration!

Since we are forced to spend half a day at the hotel we will take the opportunity to cuddle us a bit! Swimming pool, jacuzzi, quiet dinner.
We are surprised when we find in the room clean sheets and towels and even hot water in the shower!
We are not used to all this luxury, though in my heart, I haven't missed it at all!

On this trip I have lived in close contact with nature ... I have washed myself in its sources when there was water, I slept on its ground, I have loved and admired in the evening at the sunset or in the morning when it woke up ...

I feel that this trip has changed me!
I feel more sensitive, perhaps less cold and more vulnerable ...


11 october Milan (ITALY)

Waiting for the third flight ...
Sitting on a bench at Malpensa, after leaving South Africa and after a short stop in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, in front of the western luxury, in front o women's super-up and perfumes already at six in the morning, men in jacket and tie who are complaining after spending 1000 euro for the flight about the seat too narrow, and in front of the injustice of immoderate luxury in UAE, in my mind there are the eyes of all those black children that were lit up even more when you gave them an empty plastic bottle in that distant land that now is my Africa.

My white Tshirt has black lines of the wire which I hung up to dry in Livingstone, the pants a patch of mud, my hat a bit reddish earth of Malawi, the beard is long and not treated as never, I don't smell of my inseparable Tommy Hilfiger ... I feel so different ... and so proud!


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