14 may Al Maarra (SYRIA)

... And finally we get to Aleppo. The first thing that I could not help thinking was that inter rail of ten years ago ... Time flies ... When we passed the gates of Istanbul, studying Turkish map the idea, not implemented then , of reaching the Syrian city of Aleppo flashed out. Here I am now!

Aleppo immediately strucked me by the diversity of its inhabitants ... accustomed to seeing women and girls in their chador wrapped and hidden by their veils, here we meet many dressed "almost" like us.

They are still very far from being able to consider their look: Western, now they are very kitsch and quite out of place ... but there is clearly a big change in future generations...

Aleppo, maybe for the proximity to Turkey and then the Western world, is the less "Arab" city... less even of the capital Damascus!

Rivers of yellow cabs that trumpeting, railings hosting the Arab bread baked that cools and seasons of urban smog, sellers of fake gold watches, the voice of the muezzin fills the air, women in chador surrounded by hordes of noisy children, girls dressing pseudo-western clothes chatting with each other handling the phone in the hand, very ridiculous female underwear shops, hawkers shouting cobs showing their goods, municipal police with colonial uniform confusing, at the traffic lights, the already undisciplined drivers, old scooters whizzing carrying three or four children or entire families ...

In the morning after enjoying the view from the church of St. Simeon, we reach the legendary Ebla.

I was very pleased seeing Italian and French archaeologists in action since the site was just begun ... There is still much to do!

15 may Aleppo (SYRIA)

Sergilla. A stone city completely abandoned.

Friday is their day of rest and they take advantage for a picnic out of town.
They organize the open van and the head of the family with all these veiled women and their cheering children leave for the suburb ... stretching a cloth under a tree, no matter whether they are along the highway or in the parking lot of a little factory, eat what the various women of the family have prepared while the children playing, having fun, chasing and unbridled ...

We visit the citadel, or the fortress that from a hill overlooks the town of Aleppo...
What a beautiful landscape! All this made it even more mystical by the litany of the muezzin at 12.00 o'clock began his sermon: "... Allah Akbar ..."

We decide to dive in the large, confusing and labyrinthine suq.

Just a couple of hours later and we had become the masters of the place. Wandering around searching a Syrian badge for my backpack with Alaa, chatting with Fadir, long trading with many nice, warm and generous Syrian ...

I can truly claim to have lived a whole day talking, joking, looking at the different retailers, from the spices sellers to the pashminas' ones, from nuts to those of the famous soap of Aleppo!

Many hours lived in that crazy labyrinth and eventually, while we were going away, there was already who called us: "Italians, Marhaba!"




شكرا سوريا

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