"Leaving with the desire to know not only the places, but people; return to the world in the heart.
Leaving with projects, get and forget, feel and experience the place where it is .....
go home and live more "there" ... and that "there" it becomes part of you. "

- Anonymous -



> Malaga's cathedral, whose construction lasted two centuries, was the victim of an excess of ambition. The cost of the project was so high that in 1782 it was decided to stop the construction work

A bell tower was left incomplete and what gave rise to the cathedral the nickname "The Manquita"(the lady with one arm).


< Alcazaba.

The sumptuous palace-fortress of the Muslim rulers in which there are streams and meandering leafy, terraces that offer views always new as you climb.

< Jarramanìa.

The pub, which prepares the best tapas in town. The suggest it in particular on Wednesday evening that offers all the specialties at the price of 1



> Picasso Museum.

A magnificent collection of 204 works, supplemented by other exhibitions with themes that relate to aspects of the life and work of this great painter who was born here. His house visit was very disappointing indeed.
< At Cafè Madrid,
certainly you can not miss the churros accompanied by a tasty hot chocolate.


Mercado Atarazanas.

Opened every day it is pleasantly animated and noisy and offers an incredible variety of foods, including whole hams, miles of sausages, cheese, fish and desserts of all kinds. I did my usual stock of jamon serrano!



It's bizarre that you do not encounter road signs to La Rocca until the last moment, this is because Spain has not given up yet to claim for its strategic location at the entrance of the Mediterranean.
Approaching the British colony of Gibraltar by land you will have the opportunity to see, already from very far, a giant of mythology.
La Rocca, along with the coastal mountains of Jebel Musa, Morocco, represented the Pillars of Hercules, the ancient Greeks and Romans to the extreme limit of the known world.
Unfortunately the weather is against us but certainly we do not discourage and spend a great day exploring this old British protectorate!.
Here they speak English, they drive on the right after the many accidents caused by people coming from Spain who was used to drive like in the rest of Europe. The British Pound is the currency used almost everywhere, but they also accept Euros.


Military Heritage Centre.
A complicated defensive system in the rock by the British during the siege of 1779 to fill the positions of the guns
> Apes' Den.
The legend says that when the apes disappear from Gibraltar, so will the British. When their numbers dwindled during the Second World War, the British made ​​them to get here from Africa
< St Michael's Cave.
A huge and impressive cave with many stalactites and stalagmites. In the past it was thought that it could even connect Europe to Africa!


> Granada.
Although overshadowed by the charm of the Alhambra and the winding streets from the mystery of the Albayzìn actually it is perhaps the largest and the most trendy city of Andalusia, animated by the culture of tapas, full of crowded bars, small clubs where you dance the flamenco.
> Alhambra.
At first glance, the fortress red walls and towerslooks barren but impressive and rises above the forests of cypress and elm trees with the magnificent backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.


Palacio Nazares.
The finest example of Nasrid architecture. The halls and courtyards with perfect proportions, elaborate stucco from the walls, beautiful tiling, the beautiful carved wood ceiling intended to give concrete form to the infinite glory of Allah.
But, according to Islam, perfection is something to which mortals can only aspiraree that only Allah can get, so craftsmen and builders have left about the imperfections of beautiful designs to show their respect and abide by the rules the Koran.



But unfortunately a week flyes very fast and in less than no time here we are again... just landed at Bologna airport

No worries, we will see again soon, hopefully, for new adventures ... in the meantime: "Gracias Espana!"

"The wise man never thinks to be arrived..."
Anonymous -


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