31 december Berlin (GERMANY)


Spending a New Year Eve "below zero" was something that I missed a few years ...

Here we are in "cold" Berlin!

A good offer about flights to Berlin and here we are in the "cold" German capital.

The ultimate goal of real travelers. You loved a place and way of living for a few minutes that was your world, you were not a Sicilian, but a German in Berlin."

- Anonymous -



the Berlin area that hosted us.

Strolling around the German capital is quite simple thanks to a convenient railway network as well as the subway, the famous S-Bahn and U-Banh.



> Brandeburger Tor: symbol of German unity, the party was anumated by "Mitch"directly from the American TV serial Baywatch, an idol here, who sang his songs sickly sweet...

"...crazy for you..."


< Reichstag Building, former House of German Parliament.

Front lintel is the inscription: dem deutschen Volk - (To the German people)


< Between the Brandenburg Door and Potsdamer Platz, a huge open plain crossed by 2,711 concrete blocks of dark gray: the Holocaust-Mahnmal, the most solemn memorial dedicated to Jewish Holocaust victims

> Checkpoint Charlie was a popular crossing point on the border between the areas of employment, the Soviet and American, from 1961 to 1990. It separated the two Germanies

At Checkpoint Charlie took place some very spectacular escapes from the DDR, as well as many of those killings were discovered.


The Checkpoint Charlie Museum shows a permanent exhibition on the history of the Berlin Wall and the international struggle for human rights. Included among many other items used by fugitives and those who helped them escape.


< Pergamonmuseum
is one of the most important archaeological museums in Germany and in the world, it takes its name from the ancient city of Pergamon in Anatolia, from which most of the works come from...
< Bunker Museum:
is one of several underground bunkers, built during the Cold War when there was the atomic fear.

In Legoland Discovery Centre you can discover the colorful and vibrant world of Lego. The mountain of the dragon, or the Miniland Berlin in miniature, a dazzling 4D cinema, a mysterious exploration in the jungle and much more!



Fernsehturm Berliner.

The tower is easily visible from all central districts of Berlin and remains a symbol of the city. It's a tower for the radio antennas that gives a fascinating overview of the entire capital


> Berlin dedicates an exhibition to Hitler.

The intent is to explain not much how the personality of Hitler was able to bribe million people, but rather the mechanisms of adhesion, mobilization of the masses, but also of exclusion, which combined, have woven the relationship between the Führer and the population


For the desire of William II and his wife, who wanted for the Lutheran a church that was important in the imperial capital, that's why it was built the royal church of Hohenzoller


On 9 November 1989, after several weeks of public unrest, the government of East Germany announced that the visits to Germany and West Berlin would be permitted, after listing a multitude of citizens of Eastern climbed the wall and walked past him to reach the inhabitants of West Germany on the other side in a festive atmosphere. Within weeks, small parts of the wall were taken away from the crowds and souvenir hunters, industrial equipment was later used to remove almost all that was left



Charlottenburg Schloss

Sophie Charlotte strongly wanted a summer castle outside Berlin.

When in 1701 Frederick III was proclaimed the first king of Prussia as Frederick I, the queen turned the building into a meeting place for painters, philosophers, writers and musicians


Even a cold city like Berlin can reserve its romantic moments...


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