This trip has symbolic value for us especially because it represents a sort of training for what will be our true journey in September.

We have decided to travel by public transport and change locations every day ... here we are!

"To travel you must have a meter, a measure. Otherwise, you just go."

- Anonymous -

05 may Larnaca (CYPRUS)

In Cyprus, they speak Greek, they use, (recently), Euro, they have left hand drive.
I was immediately surprised by Larnaca, this little town has a rich history that dates back to the times of Jesus ... the famous Lazarus ("get up and walk ") after his resurrection seems to have taken refuge where he became Bishop of Kytion ...
Whether in fact there are icons, iconography representing the bulk of the business of souvenirs.
The day is sunny, groups of British and Russian lie in the sun, some daredevil dives in the water, still too cold for us ...

The CTO (Cyprus Tourism Office) gave us a lot of material that will be of great utility for the whole trip!

06 may Limassol (CYPRUS)

[Stefania]: "We take the bus to Limassol at 10.30. The landscape is a succession of rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards.
Limassol is a large city, twice Larnaca. The guest house that Mark found on the Internet is very special, from the owners: Sergio and Dean, I already like it!

I seem to be living in a movie here.
I met Dean through the forum of the Lonely Planet and from the profile photo I thought it was an admirer of Tiziano Terzani, in fact he has a long white beard and white hair to his shoulders.

The guest house is located right in city center along Ayou Andreou Street, a street crowded with tourists!
The interior is a veritable museum. There is a wall crammed with books, novels, a few Lonely Planet of distant places that have nothing to do with Cyprus, old photos and furnishings from another century! We have a such cool balcony that looks out on the main road!
It was very relaxing to play cards enjoying the last rays of sun of another unforgettable day sipping coconut juice in cans or a delicious salad of fresh mango prepared by Stefania.

Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus and the birthplace of many friends of mine from Cyprus at Oxford College. Too bad we couldn't manage to meet after 13 years!
We spent the day visiting the Byzantine castle, several Orthodox churches to end up dozing on rocks warmed by the sun and cooled by a gentle breeze!


07 may Paphos (CYPRUS)

This trip seems like a movie full of episodes where every day is characterized by many specific and different elements!

Larnaca with its castle, its waterfront, its mosque seems already a distant memory, even the same Limassol with its cliffs, its Orthodox churches ... Today we are in the extreme western tip, in Paphos.
There are many villages and many fat Russian or English with the bracelet "all inclusive" on display. I booked on the internet our apartment, I feel so different and so good!

- Donde vas? "I've been asked by the Catalan of Barcelona while waiting for his bus to Larnaca.
"- At Paphos, the beach!"

The ride is very distinctive because it runs through a beautiful stretch of coast from the windows of our little bus admire the breathtaking scenery: a blue-white that has nothing to envy to the Maldives or to Sardinia, which, however, we immediately notice is missing a large beach, but maybe this is the feature!

The central square, called "Caravelle" is very far from our hotel ... We haven't understood very well yet where we are. We are helped by a lady a bit 'rushed at the CTO but we only trealize that it will be very difficult to achieve Kyrenia as the Cypriots have no contacts or information on the Turkish side.

In the meantime, we prefer not to think about that and enjoy these two days of relaxation here!

Cypriot "Maria De Filippi" with her "You've Got Mail" is the background while we enjoy the freshly Greek salad with feta cheese prepared with our hands!






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